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Values for Success

iMatrix Values

iMatrix is guided by the following Core Values. These core values provide a common groundwork from which to succeed in realizing our mission of providing affordable marketing solutions. Choices and actions founded in these core values create long-term benefits for clients, employees, partners, and the communities we serve. Each member of our staff is dedicated to the implementation of these core values in our everyday operations and strategic planning efforts. 

We act with INTEGRITY in everything we do…

IntegrityAt iMatrix we have the courage to do what is right even when the personal cost is high. We understand that we will be defined by our adherence to our core principals of honor, humility, and courage and that violating this fundamental truth would bring an intolerable discredit upon us all. We treat our clients, our teammates, and company resources with the respect they deserve.

We are accountable for QUALITY

QualityOur culture demands that we are results-focused and accept nothing less than achieving every goal we set. While we demand that every person be responsible for ensuring the highest degree of quality in our deliverables, we are not afraid to take action today and seek perfection tomorrow as we strive for continuous improvements in a marketplace that requires nimbleness and innovation.

An excellent CLIENT experience…

ClientAt iMatrix, we focus on the client in all things. We do not provide “products,” we provide solutions which empower our small business clients to succeed in their goals. We understand that our own business and personal reputations will be defined by the word-of-mouth testimonials and sharing of experiences from one business owner to another and that one client today equals ten clients tomorrow; lost or won. Above all, we adhere to the core principal, which demands that Great Service is the Only Truly Sustainable Competitive Advantage.


LeadershipAll teammates at iMatrix have not only the right, but also the responsibility to lead in their own positions. We demand a tenacity to see all jobs completed successfully and the optimism, self-confidence, and personal responsibility to believe that it’s up to us to make it happen. Our mantra is “you see it, you own it.” If we see trash on the floor, we pick it up. Those who think, “that’s not my job” will not be tolerated. We understand that our success will be defined in large part by the level of engagement and expertise at all levels of our organization. Our people are the fuel for our entrepreneurial fire and we expect everyone to act like owners. 

Operate our company with PROFITABILITY in mind…

ProfitablityWe are in business to make money and we will absolutely not apologize for our profit. We recognize that consistent, profitable growth is essential to creating capital for advancement, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction, and job security. The stronger we are the better we can serve our clients, and the better we serve our clients the stronger we become.

We promote a positive CULTURE

CultureOptimism is everything. We understand that real power comes from strong teamwork and mutual respect for our colleagues. We believe in having fun in a positive energy environment and strive to be an “employer of choice” who places the right people in the right positions. We believe in the honor of hard work and determination and we give maximum effort because we know the person next to us will give maximum effort. We know that our bias to promote from within requires us to focus on personal and professional development at all levels. Ultimately, we expect our teammates to actually give a damn about their company and their personal and team performance.

We strive to create an environment that fosters INNOVATION

InnovationAt iMatrix, nothing is “out of bounds.” We understand the limitless potential that derives from the combination of curiosity and passion. We actively listen to our clients and teammates because we understand that a culture of continuous improvement can only come from an open environment that espouses a high degree of trust and respect for one another.