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Holiday Party


When all work together, all win together. And when all work together, it’s great for all to celebrate together! Every year the co-founders of iMatrix, Asaf and Yamia, throw a stellar holiday party for the staff and their spouses to celebrate another successful year. As our company continues to grow, so do the annual holiday parties. The parties are a great opportunity for iMatrix staffers to let their hair down and spend some time enjoying their accomplishments and relationships. Every year, certain employees get their chance to shine in the spotlight as they receive awards for special achievements and for going above and beyond.

It’s not all about work though! The holiday parties include fun games with cool prizes (like an iPad!) to test skills and how well we all know our coworkers. As a growing family, the holiday party provides a special opportunity when we can all stop and reflect on how far we have come as a company, as professionals, and as individuals. We work hard all year to partner in the success of our clients and we cherish the opportunity to revel in our accomplishments. The holiday party is always a great time and Yamia continues to outdo herself with creating a bigger, and even more exciting extravaganza every year. At iMatrix, we truly value our staff and enjoy celebrating with them during the holidays.