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Annual Blood Drive

In the summer of 2011, iMatrix hosted what would become known as our iMatrix Annual Blood Drive for the San Diego Blood Bank. Every year, iMatrix works with the San Diego Blood Bank to select a day where a mobile Bloodmobile comes out to our location to collect donations. Our event planning committee works to promote the event well in advance so that employees can invite family members, friends, and neighbors to donate blood and red blood cells.

After our first event, the friendly staff from the San Diego Blood Bank informed us that we had one of the highest employee turn-outs they had ever seen from company blood drives. Our company was pleased to make such a great contribution to our local community. iMatrix first decided to participate in a local blood drive partly in response to a critical blood shortage in San Diego. Each individual donation has the ability to save multiple lives, and the San Diego Blood Bank is responsible for providing blood to more than 30 hospitals in the area in order to save the lives of auto accident victims, surgery patients, and more. The annual event is held each summer and is a great opportunity for our staff to give back to the local community and help those who truly need it.