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Spirit Week

Although iMatrix is on the cutting-edge of online marketing services and technology, we do appreciate tradition as well. As such, we have a rather fun tradition that we cherish which takes place during the week of Halloween. We call this tradition “Spirit Week.” Spirit Week is a silly time of the year for us when we encourage our employees to wear their wackiest costumes all day at work.

Spirit Week consists of 4 different themed costume days and the 5th day theme is always Halloween. The themed costume day ideas do change sometimes, but over the past few years we have most consistently had Rockstar/Celebrity Day, Sports Day, Beach Day, and Pajama Day. Everyone at iMatrix gets involved on at least one day and sometimes for all five days to earn their chance at winning the daily prize. On Rockstar Day, we have seen the likes of Pat Benatar, Amy Winehouse, and Bruce Springsteen wandering the floors of iMatrix. With a diverse group of employees hailing from all over the U.S., Sports Day ends up being an exciting day with so many different sports and teams represented (although the Chargers still end up with the majority). Working in San Diego, Beach Day just gives us the chance to bring our sunny weather inside for a day and soak up the sunshine from the comfort of our desks. Pajama Day is often a favorite with the staffers since they don’t even have to get out of their pajamas to come into the office that day! We have never seen so many footed-pajamas for adults before.

The culmination of the week (even when it is in the middle of the week) is often Halloween. We never take it for granted that we work with innovative and creative individuals and Halloween is a wonderful day as we get to see the cool, crazy, funny, and fantastic costumes that our staff dreams/make up. Spirit Week is certainly a highlight for our staff and we’ve got the photos to prove it.