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Posted on 11-17-2015

At iMatrix, our goal is to provide eye care professionals of all specialties and sizes with mobile-responsive websites and online marketing solutions that help them foster current patient loyalty and attract new patients to their office doors.

The iMatrix team works to support developing practices, thriving practices, and practices of all sizes and specialties in between. Because of this, we offer a wide range of Internet marketing solutions to fit any budget and every need.

In order to satisfy the broad range of vision health professionals’ needs, we offer different service levels and online marketing solutions, including multiple levels of website content. Here is a quick overview of the varying levels of content that iMatrix clients have complete access to – each of which enables our clients to reach success, for a price point that works within their comfort level.

Value of Community Content

Eye care professionals of all levels of experience need a mobile-responsive. A mobile-responsive website makes it possible for online visitors to find eye care practices and services online and without one it is likely prospective patients will overlook the ECP online. The truth is that in today’s digital age, having a website without reputable content that educates and informs online visitors can be detrimental to a practice’s chance at long-term success.

Although, at iMatrix we recognize that developing practice might not yet be able to afford 50 plus pages of custom content for their practice website. For clients like these, iMatrix provides what we call “community content.”

Our community content is created by authorities in the field of eye care and visual health on a wide range of relevant topics, including astigmatism, sports vision and the benefits of LASIK surgery.

iMatrix clients who choose to proceed with our Starter, Reputation Builder or Media Service all have access to our curated website content. Community content is a valuable resource for many prospective and current patients when they need general eye care information. It helps growing practices cultivate initial online visibility and keeps online visitors on your practice website for longer periods of time. In addition, all iMatrix community content includes a call to action encouraging online visitors to take action, such as to contact the practice and schedule an appointment. 

Community Content and Your Website’s Search Ranking

Recently, iMatrix competitors have incorrectly proposed that utilizing our offered community content could lower a website’s search ranking. This is simply not the case. Although sharing community content on your website may not increase a website’s value on the search engine results page (SERP), it does not harm it either. The iMatrix team takes precautions to ensure that never takes place.  

By adding specific HTML coding to the backend of our community content, our website developers instruct all search engines, including Google, not to index, or crawl, these pages. The result? Search engines neglect to include any community content when deciding how to rank a website. However, iMatrix community content encourages online visitors to spend more time on our clients’ webpages in turn reduces website bounce rates, two factors that search engines value highly when ranking a website.

Custom Content Options Available

In addition to our vast offering of community content, iMatrix provides unique, custom clients for our clients also. For anyone looking to take their website to the next level, iMatrix custom content can help improve your online search rankings and target prospective local patients. iMatrix clients who choose our Premium, Velocity or Dominator Service gain access to customized website content including press releases, blog posts, webpages and more.

iMatrix Premium, Velocity or Dominator Service clients see increased volume of organic website traffic and With Premium, Velocity or Dominator, iMatrix clients get increased organic website traffic and better online search rankings!

Want to Know More?

Whether you are an ECP who is just starting out or one who is ready to dominate your local market, iMatrix offers an Internet marketing solution that is ideal for you! Call 888.587.5035 to learn more. 

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