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The Sales department at iMatrix believes the success of our company relies on the business and revenue it generates. To achieve this task our goal is to exceed customer expectations while pursuing new relationships. The Sales department drives future growth and shapes the direction of the company and enables it to meet its goals through the customer relationships created by sales engagements.

Our Mission

It is our mission to earn the confidence of each and every business owner who chooses to do business with our company.  Our goal is to be a knowledgeable and trusted adviser to those seeking an understanding of how to achieve a successful online business model.  We accomplish this by continually educating ourselves on proven internet marketing strategies and passing that knowledge on to our prospects.  We use a consultative approach with each prospect to first gain an understanding of their business environment, critical business drivers, and existing high priority business initiatives.  We establish a relationship that yields expectations beyond the straightforward features, advantages and benefits of our solutions.  Our success is measured by our ability to differentiate ourselves from the competition and present recommendations in a manner that allows the prospect to make an informed decision.