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At iMatrix, we consider partnerships to be at the foundation of our success and are continually looking to create and build strong partnerships with other companies that are catering to our current and future client base. Partnerships enable us to expand our services and provide innovative services to a broader client base.

If you are interested in becoming a preferred partner or affiliate of iMatrix, call 1-800-IMATRIX or email us directly. Our Business Development Consultant is experienced in building strong partnerships to better serve the needs of our partners and clients.

ChiroTouch Practice Management Software

ChirotouchChiroTouch is a fully integrated practice management software solution designed to increase efficiencies and save you time.
The EHR-certified chiropractic software includes a customizable SOAP note interface, patient scheduling, billing capabilities, and numerous reports to monitor accounting‹all working toward a truly paperless practice. 

ChiroTouch continues to adapt its technology to the latest advancements in mobility, with fully integrated ChiroTouch iPad apps that include a provider interface, outcomes assessments, patient intake, and more. More information about ChiroTouch Practice Management Software is available online or by phone at 1-800-852-1771.

Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough CoachingBreakthrough Coaching is a practice management consulting firm that provides personalized coaching for chiropractors. The firm prepares chiropractors to be the primary care providers of prevention and wellness services in the evolving healthcare system of today. Under the guidance of Dr. Mark Sanna, CEO of Breakthrough Coaching, and his associates, chiropractors learn results-based, functionally-oriented procedures that enable them to build effective and successful practices.

The consulting and coaching service includes a range of resources for chiropractors such as one-on-one coaching, practice analysis, seminars, and helpful products. More information on Breakthrough Coaching can be accessed on online or by calling 1-800-7-ADVICE.

Veterinary Success Services

Veterinary Success ServicesVeterinary Success Services, Inc. is a convenient, effective and readily accessible source of information on success and fulfillment in veterinary medicine. Only the most modern technology is used to produce, deliver and store all the information needed to build veterinary careers worth dreaming of. And it's all available 24/7/365, rain or shine!

Developed by veterinarians with many years of experience working directly with pets, Veterinary Success Services, Inc offers ongoing teleseminars such as the "Success on Wheels Course", as well as facilitated collegial "mastermind" groups, educational CDs, MP3s, newsletters and more.

Read more about Veterinary Success Services, Inc and the many tools available for your success or to sign up for the free weekly practice success newsletter, go to: veterinarysuccessservices.com.

Carlson & Jayakumar

Carlson & JayakumarCarlson & Jayakumar is a full-service law firm with over 50 years of experience offering professional legal support to chiropractors in all aspects of employment and healthcare law. This includes forming professional and general business corporations, forming multi-specialty practices, handling insurance audits, representing licensees before professional boards, and providing advice on fraud-and-abuse and fee-splitting laws. Carlson & Jayakumar also prepare employee handbooks, employment and shareholder contracts, and maintain corporate documents.

Eclipse Practice Management Software

Eclipse Practice Management SoftwareEclipse is utilized by chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical practices around the United States. The software includes seamless integration of billing, scheduling, history, SOAP, and document imaging that is flexible enough to be used by a single chiropractor or a multi-site practice.

The practice management software by Eclipse has been in use for over 25 years and uses similar database technology to AMEX, FedEx, and Visa. Eclipse users have the capability to simultaneously edit multiple patients, appointments, and services. More than 7,000 chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical practices across the country use Eclipse to manage their daily activities. More information is available online or by calling 1-800-966-1462.

Optometry CEO

OptometryCEO is a leading blog for business leaders in the profession of optometry to find relevant non-industry supported insights for finding the right practice, managing with excellence, and pursuing practice growth.

Illinois Optometric Association (IOA)

The Illinois Optometric Association exists to protect, promote, and advance the profession of Optometry by providing exemplary resources and support towards serving and enhancing quality patient care.

Virginia Optometric Association

The Virginia Optometric Association exists to improve the vision care and health of the public and to promote the art and science of the profession of Optometry.

Practice Solutions Inc.

Judy Kay Mausolf, owner and president of Practice Solutions Inc, is a dental practice management coach, speaker and author.  She teaches dentists and managers how to grow their practices by becoming better leaders and getting their teams to work together. She provides the team with what they need to know on how to communicate effectively and have a better attitude on a daily basis.  She shows you how to build relationships based on trust and respect inside and outside your practice. Relationships are the key to a successful dental practice, and Judy Kay is the relationship expert in the industry today.

Maryland Optometric Association

Maryland Optometric AssociationThe Maryland Optometric Association is a non-profit professional association dedicated to providing its members with the resources necessary to deliver the highest standard of professional eye care to the citizens of Maryland. It is the leader in providing continuing education for doctors of optometry and the "Voice of Optometry" before the Maryland General Assembly and the Board of Optometric Examiners. Our membership includes more than 300 optometrists from across the state.

Ultimate Practice

Ultimate Practice

With over 30 years of successful in-practice and business consulting experience, Ultimate Practice will assist you in exceeding your expectations. We get results by providing customized strategies, proven practice development programs, and a complete line of Practice Mastery™ training products that will help you plan for the future, and run your business with less effort and higher profitability. 

Ultimate Practice believes success is good management in action, and your success is attainable through your dedication to improving your management, business and leadership skills. Start working smarter today by contacting Ultimate Practice at 866-797-8366 or UltimatePractice.com.

Arkansas Optometric Association

Arkansas Optometric AssociationArOA is an advocate for you!
Optometry is a legislated profession. We help you maintain your right to practice independently and protect and expand your scope of practice. We are your political voice.

North Carolina State Optometric Society

North Carolina State Optometric Association

Advocating for optometrists so they can best serve eye health and vision needs in North Carolina.

Optometrists are primary eye care providers who diagnose, manage and treat injuries and diseases of the eye and the visual system.

Speaking Consulting Network

Speaking Consulting Network

Speaking, consulting, and writing about dentistry, as a fulltime career or a part-time hobby, is rewarding and exciting! The Speaking Consulting Network is a group of like-minded speakers, consultants, and writers who network annually with leading-edge corporate sponsors, editors, and meeting planners to shape and redefine our profession.

New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association

New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association

The NMVMA is the voice of veterinary medicine in New Mexico. Our mission is to promote veterinary medicine and quality animal care through communication, fellowship, and the professional growth of New Mexico veterinarians.

Pet Partner App

The PetPartner App Platform helps pet care providers increase revenue by better serving their existing clients. The platform automatically captures more customers on their website, sends reminders for better compliance, and distributes a free app to clients where they manage their pets, appointments, and communication with the business.

Pet care providers see a quantitative return on investment from fewer no shows, more frequent appointments, higher web conversion, increased client spend, and lower client churn. They also feel a qualitative ROI from lower call volumes and an increase in delighted clients. Learn more at www.petpartnerapp.com/vetmatrix

Broward County Chiropractic Society

Broward County Chiropractic Society

The Broward County Chiropractic Society (BCCS) is a non-profit, professional organization of Doctors of Chiropractic, founded in 1970. In aggressively pursuing its mission, the BCCS provides members with services and programs designed to effectively represent chiropractic doctors before county and state government, communicate to chiropractic doctors the latest clinical and governmental news affecting their practices and patients and to enhance the public’s knowledge of benefits of chiropractic treatment. Learn more at http://browardchirosociety.com.

Jobson Optical Group

Jobson Optical GroupThe Jobson Optical Group is a premier integrated healthcare information and communication services provider which includes publications like Review of Optometry®Review of Ophthalmology®VisionMonday®20/20 Magazine®LabTalk® and others, and is well known for its deep understanding of the needs of eyecare professionals.

The Jobson Optical Group reaches the global optical market comprised of opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, technicians, wholesalers, laboratories, manufacturers and retailers. From cutting edge industry news and analysis to new products and fashion trends, the Optical Group is the leading source for information and marketing for the worldwide ophthalmic community.

North Carolina Chiropractic Association

North Carolina Chiropractic AssociationThe North Carolina Chiropractic Association is the only professional service association in the state of North Carolina for Doctors of Chiropractic. The purpose of the NCCA is to provide a unified voice for chiropractors in North Carolina, promote public awareness of chiropractic, and provide quality continuing education for D.C.s and their staff. They also provide support for NCCA member doctors with a variety of issues including medicare, medicaid, insurance, and more.

For more information regarding the NCCA please visit ncchiro.org.

Colorado Chiropractic Association 

The mission of the Colorado Chiropractic Association is to protect, promote, and expand the ethical and professional practice of chiropractic in the state of Colorado. 

Our purpose is to support our membership by providing exceptional continuing education, free member webinars and practice builder events, a statewide Find-A-Doc search engine for patients, and regular newsletters that keep our DC’s up-to-date on important chiropractic news and happenings around the state. In addition, we partner with companies like ChiroMatrix to provide special pricing on goods and services just for CCA members. Whether you’re a new grad or seasoned professional, membership has tremendous benefits. Call the CCA at 303-755-9011 or 800-829-0339 to find out more about our tiered memberships and how you can start benefiting from being a part of your state association.

Veterinary Hospital Managers Association 

The mission of Veterinary Hospital Managers Association is to enhance and serve professionals in veterinary management through superior education, certification, and networking. Their core purpose is to advance and support veterinary practice managers. Achieving this purpose will help veterinary practice managers to succeed professionally, and help practices succeed and accomplish their missions through excellent management.

Texas Chiropractic Association 

The Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) is the essential voice for chiropractic in Texas. It provides protection and statewide advocacy for chiropractors. The ability to legally practice is at the forefront of the association’s goals and is one of the huge benefits provided to TCA members. The Texas Chiropractic Association works hard to advocate the position that the citizens of Texas should have adequate access to the health care of their choice and to ensure that Doctors of Chiropractic have suitable representation in the decision-making agencies of the government.