A Better, Faster Way to Check Your Patient’s Vision Insurance

Office efficiency is an important part of running your vision practice. Getting a patient through the whole booking process is a necessary pain that all vision practices have to endure.

That’s why we’ve created an insurance check. Insurance Check lets you search multiple providers like Davis, EyeMed, Spectera, VSP at the same time without having to change portals and get results within seconds.

This means that your staff can verify a patient’s benefits eligibility without having to hop in and out of different insurance provider portals, saving you time and improving your booking efficiency.

Quickly See All of Your Patient’s Available Benefits in One Place

Search the most popular vision insurance providers up to 75% faster all in one place. Quickly see your patient’s most current coverage including provider, benefits and history across all carriers.

Just log in to your insurance provider accounts and start managing all of your patient’s benefits in one place.

Save Your Office Staff Time When Checking Insurance Benefits

Eye care technology has advanced and while you can provide the latest and greatest technology to your patients, office efficiency tools have not grown through the years.

Insurance check can finally help your practice bring smoother and better service to your patients while increasing your opportunities for more and better qualified appointments.

Start Saving Your Front Desk Staff Time


Reduce No-shows and Cancelled Appointments

Currently, practices have a convoluted and inefficient way of confirming appointments. Essentially, many calls and follow ups are needed to make sure a patient has insurance and then having them cancel or not show up when they realize that their insurance doesn’t cover them.

Insurance check lets you confirm a patient’s eligibility in seconds so you can make the most out of every opportunity and book a patient then and there without having to follow up or call them again.

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