3 Methods to Lower Your Unsubscribe Rate

As 2018 marches on, email continues to be one of the most popular marketing channels, and for good reason. On average, for every $1 spent, email marketing can generate $38 in ROI. This strategy also boasts one of the highest conversions rates, making it a desirable medium for businesses to boost growth.
However, with great reward comes great responsibility. The CAN-SPAM Act, passed in 2003, places restrictions on commercial emails that will result in a $16,000 fine per email if violated. One of the most important regulations under the CAN-SPAM Act is the right of the recipient to opt of of emails readily and easily. Once the recipient unsubscribes from your emails, you will no longer be able to contact that individual. Rather than face a fine for an email faux pas, get proactive and prevent your potential leads from unsubscribing with these three easy tips.
Segment your list.
To provide the most relevant content to your subscribers, segment your list based on the individual’s interests or buying habits with your business. This ensures that your subscribers are receiving emails they will want to open and therefore will reduce your unsubscribe rate.
Create a consistent schedule.
Subscribers appreciate transparency and consistency in your email schedule. When subscribers initially sign up of your emails, clearly indicate when and how often recipients can expect your emails. This will reduce the amount of subscribers who are unpleasantly surprised by the frequency of your business’s emails and opt out to clear their inboxes. Try emailing twice a month on the same day of the week and time.
Provide valuable content.
Instead of simply promoting your services or products in every email, break up the monotony by incorporating educational pieces, newsletters, or shareable content. This will build your credibility as a knowledgeable industry professional and create a positive image of your business.
Introduce these simple steps into your email marketing strategy and watch your unsubscribe rate shrink!

72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email
Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.


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