4 Tips to Excel on Facebook

You already know how crucial it is for your practice to have a Facebook page, but perhaps you aren’t getting the traction you had hoped. Here are four tips on how to ramp up your efforts and use Facebook to grow your business.

1. Share Interesting Content for Social Connections

Generate traffic not only with patients that are following your page but their inner circle as well, with attention-grabbing articles and infographics. Since your connection’s Facebook friends can see their activity on their own newsfeed, whenever your connection likes or comments on one of your posts, this leads to effortless exposure for your practice. Keep the content varied to capture interest, as long as it is relevant to your target audience.

2. Be Responsive

If followers are commenting on posts or leaving reviews of your practice, don’t leave them without a response. Answer questions that are asked, thank them for any positive words and address any concerns. This demonstrates your attentiveness and genuine interest in your patients, leaving a good impression on current and prospective patients alike.

3. Fill Out the “About” Section

This is the fastest way for people to get the information they need about your practice, especially if they are finding your practice for the first time. Make it a priority to keep the section up-to-date with relevant information about your practice. When patients scan the page to check if it’s the right practice, this makes it easy for them to confirm and “like” your page.

4. Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Show your online audience that you are an expert in your field by sharing your knowledge of the industry. This can include tips and advice on specific topics, your own website’s blog posts, statistics, and industry news stories. By sharing your knowledge, you will keep your followers interested and build their trust in your services.

Using these four suggestions can help you navigate through Facebook and will ultimately increase your online presence, while also driving more patients to your practice.

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