The Importance of Color Continuity in Online Brand Building

We take much care to make sure the obvious aspects of our branding (eg. logo) and the not-so-obvious aspects (eg. office décor) are done just right so that visitors to our place of business leave with a memorable brand impression. When we consider our physical location, it’s easy to see how our logo works with the wall paint color and furniture to communicate our overall brand and the emotions we want it to convey. And if these items are not all working in harmony, a quick trip to the local home improvement store gives us the opportunity to find the perfect on-brand color thanks to a wide selection of paint chips. 

Maintaining the same level of brand consistency online can be a bit more difficult, but personalizing your website with your custom color picks is yet another way to differentiate yourself from the competition and strengthen your brand continuity between your physical and online locations.
Your website should adhere to the same brand color scheme as your physical location, but it must be done in a delicate manner so as not to detract from the visitor experience. Use color to draw attention to key callouts and action items, but also use white space to deliberately allow the content (and the user) to breathe. Contrary to popular belief, branding your website does not mean drowning it with your corporate color(s)!

Sticking with a color scheme of up to two main colors and up to two complimentary colors is a good rule of thumb for website design. At least one of these main colors should be pulled directly from your logo; the others can be muted complementary colors or brighter accent colors. Using the new iMatrix Color Wheel tool, we can help you choose your own, custom color palette by matching the exact colors in your logo or by creating the specific hues you need to solidify your online brand. Should you ever need to rebrand or simply want to change the look and feel of your website, you can choose another custom color palette using the Color Wheel or revert to any of our standard color options with ease!

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