Don’t Underestimate Google+

Sure, Google+ isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter. However, if you need a reminder of how important the social network is, just look at the name. Google is unquestionably the search engine king and is a major player in all areas of your practice’s online marketing. Having a Google+ page is a huge benefit for your practice’s search engine optimization. Our Social Media Lookbook shows just how essential Google+ is for your practice’s online success.
Today, having your social media pages verified adds authority to your practice. This signals to users that your practice is legitimate. When your Google+ page is verified, it also shows up in Google Maps and of course, Google search engine results. And online, nothing has more authority than Google. Don’t worry, if you’re more interested in Facebook or Twitter, the lookbook provides helpful information about those social networks and LinkedIn, too.
Read about the best content to post on your Google+ page and more useful tips by downloading your copy of the Social Media Lookbook HERE. Reach out for even more helpful social media resources and related lookbooks.

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