Using Email Drip Campaigns to Maximize Relationships

The idea of using email drip campaigns to bring in new business is well-known, and many companies implement this strategy as part of their standard marketing operations. However, most marketers overlook other important uses of drip campaigns: Customer retention and ongoing engagement.

Why Engage with Current Customers?

Simply put, there is better ROI (return on investment) in keeping current customers engaged. According to Marketing Metrics’ authors, there is a 60-70% chance of selling to existing customers, but only about a 5-20% chance of selling to a new prospect. You can easily see that there is more money in marketing to those clients and patients who have purchased from your practice before.
That said, it is important to gain new clients and patients as well as retain old ones. Therefore, you should run drip campaigns for both audience sets. Once your emails to prospects result in gaining a new patient or client, switch him or her over to the retention list to keep them engaged and, in turn, increase the probability they purchase from you again.

it is important to gain new clients and patients as well as retain old ones. Therefore, you should run drip campaigns for both audience sets.


Elements of a Good Drip Campaign

Setting up a successful automatic drip email campaign requires good planning right from the start. This will help to ensure that your contacts are glad to receive your emails, and therefore, are more likely to read them. It will also help ensure that you meet the goals you have for your campaign.
While every practice is a bit different, there are some campaign elements that are standard. Here are some key things you should make sure are in your email series:
A Welcome Email – It’s always more inviting when you welcome new subscribers to your email list. This is also a good way to introduce them to your practice’s tone and style.
Introduction to Your Blog – It’s easy for people to overlook the fact that a practice has a blog, so point yours out. Be sure to include a link so they can check it out on the spot. If appropriate, link to a specific post.
Great Content – Each email should have great content. What counts as great? The specifics differ for each practice, but in general, “great” content conveys an interesting message that is relevant to the people who buy your products and services, educates your clients and patients, and leaves them looking forward to your next email.
Special Editions – Holiday emails, anniversary missives, and event reminders can really grab attention if done right. Try to capture the spirit of the event instead of merely advertising a sale. This will help your special emails stand out above the spam.
One of the best ways to ensure that your campaigns are done professionally is to partner with us to take care of all your online marketing efforts. We have the experience needed to greatly improve your chances of success.

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