Top 6 Ways to Engage With Your Patients and Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

Managing your web presence and engaging clients through consistent patient relationship management should be part of every business strategy. But keeping up with the correspondence needed to maximize your efforts can be a daunting task.
If you’re looking to engage more with your patients, you’ll need a platform that allows you to do it seamlessly. Through our innovative marketing strategies, informed communication solutions, and a user-friendly online platform, your practice can engage with patients more than ever before. Learn how!

Top 6 Ways to Engage with Your Patients


1. Connect via email

When clients see you in their inbox, it’s like you’re offering an extension of your office and knowledge to them in their own homes. Bring back more clients in just one click with ready-made email promotions and newsletters to keep your clients thinking about your practice and how you can help them. Offer incentives and customize timing that is optimal for your practice.

2. Send out appointment reminders

Send automatic reminders, confirmations, and one-off messaging via text, email, and voice calls to reduce no-shows and increase your recall rates. By automating this process, you can keep communication lines open and stay on the forefront of your client’s mind. An added bonus? You’re saving your team hours on the phone each week confirming with clients.

3. Find out what your competitors are doing

Easily compare your business’ ratings, reviews, and promotions to top competitors with Competitive Intelligence. This will help improve how you communicate and engage with your patients.

4. Update your business listings

Feed accurate business information to top sites like Google, Bing, Citysearch and more to ensure that your patients know when and where to find you. Can’t find your practice on a directory or haven’t claimed a business on a specific directory before? Follow these simple instructions to get started today.

5. Offer text options

Do you have that one client that just doesn’t respond well to calling or emailing? Text back and forth with clients in real-time without leaving the your portal with the help of 2-way texts. You’ll be able to get a response from even the hardest to find clients to ensure that they know what’s going on and when they need to come back for a visit.

6. Ask for reviews

When you’ve engaged with your client, you build up a solid relationship. And those types of relationships are the perfect way to get more published reviews, especially when your clients have had good experiences with your practice. You can also receive private feedback from any less than stellar interactions so you can address concerns immediately.

Stand out above your competition and

Engage with your clients today.

With the Engage Suite from iMatrix, automated features allow you to send email reminders to review your practice as well as send review request via text message after a client’s visit to help expand your online presence.
Turn client word-of-mouth into your biggest asset. Automatically collect and share reviews across the web to encourage clients to choose you over competitor. You’ll be able to view all your listings and reviews, including: Google+, Yelp, Facebook, and more, all in one place.
Call us today at 800.807.1885 or click here to learn more about our new Engage Suite.


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