Everything You Will Ever Need to Succeed in Social Media

Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, you probably struggle to understand the ins and outs of social media. No longer just photos of your friends and Candy Crush requests, social media has evolved into a genuine marketing channel. With the many social networks and different types of content on each network, we decided to create a social media toolkit. Need a social media calendar? It’s in the toolkit. Want to know what kind of content to post? It’s in there too!

Our professional toolkit features tips for eye care professionals on all things social media. From engaging with your patients and to making your social media pages shine, we’ve got you covered. We’ve included the type of content your patients will find interesting and will want to share with their friends. The toolkit also includes our popular social media design guide and social media guide to help you determine the best day and times to post content.

We value our eye care professionals and want you to succeed in all areas of marketing. The great thing about social media is that when done successfully, it can boost your SEO performance. A high rate of engagement on Facebook or retweets on Twitter can make your social media pages rise in ranking in Google. Increased activity and link sharing on social media can signal to Google and other search engines that your practice is a credible source, which can benefit your website as well. The benefits of social media marketing are well worth the time and effort for your practice.
While your eye care practice may never attain the massive social media following of national eye care brands, you can carve out a pretty good following using our social media toolkit. And we think that’s pretty awesome. Download your copy of the toolkit here. Contact us for more social media resources and related toolkits.

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