How to Utilize Google+ Hangouts for Your Practice

A Google+ Hangout is a live video chat with at least two people on Google+, Google’s social media network. A Hangout can be a private chat between a select group of people (like Skype) or it can be a public conversation. They are a great avenue for subject matter experts to share information about their specific fields and to connect with others in the community.
Google+ Hangouts can be great marketing resources for local businesses as well. A great tactic is to use a Google+ Hangout to answer a commonly asked question and then share it with thousands of people. For instance, a dentist could hold a live Google+ Hangout (which can also be recorded) to address a question like “What are Veneers?” and share it with a broad audience. Additionally, the recorded Hangout can be added to your online marketing to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Google+ Hangouts for Marketing & Education

A Google+ Hangout needs to be conducted using at least two Google+ Personal Profiles (rather than a Google+ Business Page). After the live Google+ Hangout, YouTube will automatically generate a recording of the chat which you can then post on your practice’s Google+ Business Page. Followers on your Google+ Business Page will then be able to view the video chat.

In addition to answering FAQs and showcasing your expertise, Google+ Hangouts can be great tools for cultivating communication with other professionals in your field and even with you patients. Hangouts enable you to personally connect with your patients and colleagues and build strong relationships. For example, if a patient has a question for their optometrist about their eye therapy, the optometrist can arrange a personal chat with the patient through a Google+ Hangout.
A third way to utilize Google+ Hangouts is to promote a particular service you offer. If your practice now offers a special type of teeth whitening, you can use a Hangout to describe the process and briefly Google+ Hangouts in Google+showcase the procedure.
Google+ Hangouts enable users to connect with each other in a new way. Users get the full multimedia experience, complete with video, audio, and multiple members of the audience. Have you started using Google+ Hangouts for your practice? How are you using it to connect and get your message out?
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