Hashtag Strategies for Your Small Business

Hashtags, or also commonly known as the pound or number sign, have taken the internet by storm, and much like the internet, hashtags are here to stay. They have crossed over from a fun social media feature (#ThrowbackThursday) to an effective marketing tool (#MarketingSolutions). Using hashtags as a part of your online marketing strategy can not only help you engage with your audience, it can also help grow your business. Here are just a few hashtag strategies that small business owners should follow.
There’s no better way to promote your business online than with a brand hashtag — a hashtag that uses your business’s name or tagline. Search Facebook and Twitter to make sure that the hashtag is unique to your business; don’t make the mistake of promoting another business. After you settle on a brand hashtag, make sure that you use it consistently on your website, blog and social media accounts. This will promote brand awareness and allow you to see what clients are saying about your business.
Create Promotional Hashtags
If you want your consumers to pay attention, give them something worthwhile. Creating a hashtag around a promotion is a great way to increase online visitor engagement. Offer $20 off #EyeGlasses or a discounted #EyeExam to convert those online visitors into real-life clients. As a bonus, visitors might share your promotion with their friends, introducing new potential clients to your business.
Appeal to Your Client’s Interests
It’s common for people to browse hashtags that relate to their interests and hobbies. For example, a consumer that is an aficionado of designer eyewear will likely follow #EyeWear and related hashtags. To capture their interest, post your best photos of top-selling eyewear in your office and include the hashtag #EyeWear. People looking for a new pair of eyeglasses will be able to see your post. From there they can check out your other posts and visit your website to find out more about your business.
Avoid Spam Hashtags
When used correctly, hashtags can expand your reach to new markets and boost your SEO goals. However, using too many hashtags can negatively affect your strategy. Cramming a post with a large number of hashtags can be viewed as spam, which can cause consumers to lose trust in your business. Stick with the best practice that Twitter recommends — only use two hashtags per post. Your business will look professional and you will retain the loyalty of your clients.
Strong and relevant hashtags are just one of many online marketing strategies businesses can benefit from. Learn more ways you can promote your business by contacting iMatrix today.

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