How to Organize Your YouTube Channel

Increase traffic to your YouTube channel by organizing your channel in a way that will keep visitors engaged with interesting, easy-to-find videos. Taking the time to organize the content will give your channel a sharp, branded look and will drive more traffic to your videos, social media outlets, and your business’ website.

Add Channel Art

Adding channel art is a quick and easy way to give your channel a branded feel. When adding channel art, it is recommended to use the same color scheme as your marketing materials (website, business cards, letterhead). This art will serve as the background for your company logo and social media icons, so make sure that the art enhances the logo and social links in this area.

To add channel art, hover over the top right corner of the area until you see the edit icon. Click on the icon to upload your own artwork or to use one from the photo gallery.

Organize Your Videos into Playlists Sorted by Topics 

When organizing your videos into playlists, group them together based on the topic. This improves the likelihood of driving traffic to additional videos in your playlist due in large part to YouTube’s video search algorithm.

Follow these steps to organize your videos into categorized playlists:

  1. Click on Video Manager
  2. Select the videos to add to a playlist by clicking the checkbox to the left of a video
  3. Click the playlist dropdown menu at the top of the list
  4. Select which category you would like to add the videos to or create a new playlist.

Give Playlists and Videos Keyword-Rich Titles and Descriptions

Once you create organized playlists, add keyword-rich titles and descriptions for the playlist. The titles and descriptions should match the metadata (titles, descriptions, tags) for the videos within the playlist.

Make sure that your targeted keywords are in the first few words of your playlist title. Ex. YouTube Channel Optimization: How to Organize Your Channel to Boost Traffic

Keep the title of your videos and playlists as short and descriptive as possible. Utilize YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool as a reference for finding relevant keywords with high search volume.

Include a description for the playlist that is focused on the keywords included in the title and make sure that it is detailed and accurate. The playlist description can be a maximum of 5,000 words. This allows you to fully explain the content of the videos in your playlist and provide beneficial keywords for YouTube’s algorithm.

Organizing your YouTube channel and creating keyword-rich playlists, titles, and descriptions will help to drive more traffic to your channel.  Organizing your content makes it easier for viewers to find topics they are interested in and helps to increase the time users will spend on your channel.

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