3 Ways to Increase Video and Content Shares on Social Media

An important factor to keep in mind when curating your content for social media is your audience. When a potential client is looking through their social media pages, their attention is split between posts from their friends and businesses they follow. There are three ways to help make sure that the content shared by your business not only gains attention, but is also shared to your client’s social network.

Get Them to Laugh

One of the most impactful ways to get attention and increase shares is by posting a funny video, picture, or article. Mixing in humor when selecting content to post can make your clients feel more comfortable. Find a balance that uses humor, but also fits the voice of your business.

Keep It Short and Sweet

When posting a video for your social media, shorter is better. Anything longer than two minutes will typically cause viewers to move onto something else. When selecting articles to share, there is no solid rule regarding length. Before sharing, however, ask yourself if your average client will read the full content of the article. Anything that can be scanned quickly, such as lists, are more likely to be read and shared.

Share Your Clients’ Stories

Social media is a chance for your clients to share a story or their experience with your business. The story can be a simple one to spark discussion. Give your clients the opportunity to interact with each other’s stories. Look to it as an opportunity when clients want to interact, share, and highlight your business.

Content marketing for social media may seem deep and complex, but if you stick to these three simple tips, your business can easily boost the amount of shares and comments your posts receive.
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