Increasing Traffic to Social Media

There are certain techniques you can implement to increase your company’s social media presence. Facebook and other social media outlets require consistent activity to become an asset to your business. Although this may seem obvious, generating traffic requires time and attention.

To properly utilize your Facebook Business Page you should be posting at least once a week.  The content should be a balance of information and graphics as some people prefer to read articles and others appreciate light or humorous pictures.

In addition to the basic guidelines for increasing traffic to your Facebook page, there are other techniques to utilize as well.

Upload Contacts to Facebook

Adding contacts to your Facebook page is the first step all businesses should take to see a quick rise in traffic and activity.  With iControl, you have the ability to download an Excel spreadsheet list of your contacts.  Save the file in CVS format and log into Facebook.  This allows you to upload and invite all of your contacts to ‘Like’ your Facebook page.

From your Facebook Business Page, click on Build Audience  > Invite Email Contacts > Upload Contact List.  Once the list has been uploaded, it will allow you to preview a message before being sent out on Facebook.

Send an Email Asking for Likes

Be sure to collect emails from all of your clients.  Email everyone from your contact list to inform them you’re on Facebook and explain how it’s the best way to keep up with daily or weekly announcements, special offers, and upcoming events.  In iControl, iCard is a great feature to let your clients know you have an active social media presence and to invite them to connect with your business.

Create a Vanity URL

Once you reach 30 ‘Likes’ on your Facebook page you have the option to create a vanity domain, which looks more professional and allows you to easily market the page.

For example, can be changed to  This new domain will look great at the bottom of emails, on business cards, or even as a decal for the front window of the office.  Keep in mind this can only be changed twice.

For more tips, check out our infographic 5 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook.

Get the staff involved and have fun!  With a little bit of effort, social media can accomplish a lot for your business.  Keep up with the latest trends regarding internet marketing by calling 1-800-IMATRIX and speaking to our experienced Internet Consultants.

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