Is Your Practice’s Facebook Missing the Mark?

Social media has revolutionized the marketing and advertising world, allowing businesses, big and small, to reach their audiences with more intimate engagement. Through regular Facebook updates, you can communicate with your target audience and build relationships with both current and prospective patients.
In 2017, 65 million businesses used Facebook as a marketing platform and the numbers keep climbing. If you’re one of these businesses, learning how to analyze the data gathered from your page is just as important as the content you post. Luckily, Facebook gives you the tools to monitor your social media engagement with its Facebook Insights. However, this information can be a little difficult for many users to navigate.
That’s why we’ve created an eBook on how to understand and leverage Insights to improve your social media marketing! In this eBook, we walk you through how to obtain important data about your page performance and what this data means to you. Learn how to view your page likes, reach, traffic, and other information that you can use to optimize your organic marketing efforts on Facebook.
Download your free copy of Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Insights now and start creating better social media posts that move your followers to action!

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