Update Your Practice in the Ever-Changing Social Media World

Just a few years ago, social media was simply a fun way to keep in touch and interact with family and friends online. Now, social media is one of the key factors of a successful online marketing campaign. Its ability to reach and impact hundreds, if not thousands, of users is important to any business strategy.

All social media networks update on a regular basis. As part of our Social Service and higher-tiered services at iMatrix, we offer management of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ business platforms. Here are a few changes each of those social media sites have recently rolled out.

Facebook Improves Analytics

If you are a manager of your business page, you may already be familiar with the Insights Dashboard. Like the name suggests, the dashboard gives insight into important information about how your Facebook fans are engaging with your posts.  It will specify which posts are more popular and what kind of engagement they are receiving. Did people like it? Share it? Comment on it? This is important to know as you choose social content for your business page going forward.

Good news! With the recent unveiling of our updated iMatrix dashboard for websites, you can get a general picture of the amount of likes, engagement, and reach your social media is achieving. Facebooks’s Insight Dashboard dives deeper into those determining factors so you can edit your social content calendar accordingly.

Twitter Makes Visual Enhancements

Twitter is notorious for its steady stream of short bursts of information and links to lengthier news stories.  Users also have had the capability of uploading photos with their tweets which could be viewed if the picture link was clicked. Twitter has now made the timeline more visually appealing, automatically showing any uploaded photos in the newsfeed without having to click on an additional link. Use this to your advantage for brand and/or product recognition for your business.

Google+ Personalizes URLs

You probably do not typically give out your Google+ URL to clients as the series of random numbers is not easy to remember. Google+ has made it a little easier for you by offering custom URLs. Your business profile must have a profile photo, at least 10 followers, and an account that is at least 30 days old before being qualified. Similar to Facebook, the vanity URL can now reflect your business name versus a string of meaningless numbers.
Social media always has something new to offer businesses. We can help guide you and keep you up-to-date with what’s new. If would like us to handle your social media pages, call 1-800-IMATRIX and speak to one of our Internet Consultants about our Social Service.

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