Online Veterinary Forms Create Efficient Offices


Online veterinary forms can be a terrific way to make the new client or patient intake process more efficient. By making pet health history forms accessible on your veterinary website, you can make the process smoother for you, your veterinary staff, pet owners, and your financial bottom line. In addition to making your veterinary office more efficient, integrating online veterinary forms has a range of benefits.

Online Forms Reduce Paperwork

Save Time & Resources

For many veterinary practices, first time clients need to complete some form of paperwork for their pet, whether it is a complete pet medical history or a liability release form. Because of this first-time visit paperwork, many veterinarians ask new clients to arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the paperwork. Online veterinary forms eliminate the need to have pet owners arrive early by enabling them to complete the necessary paperwork at home or at their office. Many pet owners are strapped for time and have pets that get stressed by coming to the veterinary office. Create a great first impression, save valuable resources, and reduce any stress on pets by making it convenient for pet owners to visit your practice.

Save Resources with Online Forms

Increase Accuracy

Some people out there are blessed with beautiful penmanship. Then there is everybody else. If you have ever been frustrated trying to decipher what someone has handwritten, then you understand how valuable typed forms can be. Online forms for veterinary clients increase the accuracy of the information you have on file by allowing pet owners to take their time completing the forms and by ensuring the forms are legible to you and your veterinary staff. As you know, accurate information is highly important when diagnosing illnesses, conditions, and managing allergies in pets.

Increase Accuracy with Online Forms

Reduce Waste

Many veterinary offices are moving towards electronic pet health records. By including online forms into your veterinary website, you take a step towards “greening” your office through reducing paper waste. There is also a side effect of saving money on paper purchases and printer ink. Along with reducing environmental waste, online forms provide the ability to efficiently manage your pet patient records. Electronic forms are easy to share and make providing comprehensive services and treatments easier.

Hosting online veterinary forms on your website enable you to save valuable time and resources, improve the accuracy of the information pet owners provide you, and reduce overall waste. Online form builders make it simple to export pet health information and prepare for a great first appointment with your new patient!

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