3 Creative Ways to Promote Specials on Social Media

Social media, while still relatively new, is a transformative and deeply engaging form of marketing that virtually has no precedence. Social media has established itself as a preeminent form of connecting with current and potential clients or patients.
Each social media marketing channel (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) has its own nuances, but here are 3 creative ways to promote your specials on social media.

1. Create a “Follow/Circle/Like” Us Exclusive

This is an excellent way to connect with your existing clients or patients, currently at your place of business. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to connect with your brand online, but it is also one of the easiest to implement.
All you need to do is create a compelling special (maybe something like: “15% off when you show us that you liked/circled/followed our page”) and place a sign explaining those details at the reception area. From there, just be sure to keep track of who takes advantage of the offer and watch the likes/circles/follows shoot up!

2. Craft a Special Just For Your Followers

Another way of rewarding your current clients and patients is to offer them an exclusive special, just for following your page. Whatever offer you decide upon, create a post on each social network that has a special code or password that clients or patients can mention to receive the special.
This type of interaction encourages your current client or patient base to stick with you, which becomes more difficult every day.

3. Encourage Your Social Media Followers to Share Your Special

This is a fantastic way to leverage your following to market your business for you. Create a compelling offer that can followers can redeem and ask them to share the special with their friends. Let them know that if they love the special, they can share it with their friends! This is a great opportunity to get a referral from one of your clients or patients.

Don’t Over-Promote!

It’s important to remember that while social media is a powerful way to promote your business, most people aren’t on social media to hear businesses talk about themselves all the time. Keep only about 10%-20% for promoting your business directly and use the other 80%-90% of your posts to create engaging content related to your target audience’s interests.
Social media can be a tricky beast, but get creative and don’t be afraid to try out something new. Most of the time your clients or patients will appreciate the gesture and hopefully reward you with their ongoing business!
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