3 Tips For Customer Service Success

There is plenty of talk about how exceptional customer service leads to success, but when it comes to details, many sources are lacking. This makes it hard to provide the experience that customers are looking for if you don’t already have training in this area. Since most health professionals do not have this, it’s no wonder that many offices could use some pointers in how to make their customers happy as well as healthy. Here are some tips to help:

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Online reviews are full of stories from people who switched doctors not because of the doctor, but to avoid dealing with his or her rude, “short,” or otherwise unpleasant office staff. Make sure that all of your support personnel are friendly and willing to smile and make small talk. The friendly attitude needs to extend to the phones as well. Patients should never feel like your staff members are too busy to deal with them.
The physical environment of your office is important, too. Keep everything fresh and clean. When chairs or carpets get too worn to remove the grimy look, replace them.
One of the most aggravating things for customers is the feeling that their complaints are ignored. In response, they will give up – and use another provider. Make sure your patients don’t get this feeling by giving them many avenues of communication, ranging from suggestion boxes to online surveys. Follow up with people who leave their contact information and let them know what you’ll be doing to correct the problem.

A bright, easy-to-navigate website invites visitors to learn more about your practice and make appointments. Make it simple for them to follow through by providing online new patient forms, contact options, as well as, your address and phone number.
On social media, keep your messages concise but not abrupt. Respond to all messages quickly and professionally. This will both give you a chance to engage with the prospect and make your account look more “real” in the eyes of your other social media followers.
Always be sure that your physical office staff is aware of your online marketing efforts such as specials and coupons. When someone is drawn in by these promotions, they don’t want to end up arguing with a receptionist who thinks a special offer price isn’t real! For best results, bring your staff up to speed before you have even published your promo. Then, they’ll be ready right from the start.
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