Use Newsletters and Social Media to Bring in More Business

As more and more people are using websites to get information regarding services they need or products they wish to purchase, it is becoming ever more important to have a website and social media pages that can help generate business. Newsletters are a great way to help spread the word about your business.  Using a combination of newsletters and social media, you can reach a larger demographic and help to attract more people to your website and business. There are a few techniques that we will discuss that will help for you to increase the amount of traffic to your business.

Why Newsletters Are So Important

Newsletters are important because they can be used to increase the exposure your business gets. By creating and sending out newsletters to your clients and/or friends, you can create an interest in your business that others can share. Newsletters are very similar to a blog because you can write about a topic that is relative to your business and send it out to contacts that you have. They can then share your newsletter with others which can give your business more exposure. You can use newsletters to advertise for special events, special offers, or to keep your clients engaged in your business. They are often sent out as reminders for seasonal check-ups or to introduce a new service being offered at your business.

What Does Social Media Have to do with Newsletters?

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can help to attract people to your business that are not direct clients of yours. Because social media pages allow people to see pages that their friends follow, you can grow your business’ exposure by having people “Like” or Share your pages.  Social Media pages are the most effective when you have a large following. One of the ways you can increase the amount of people that view your social media pages is to send out Newsletters about those pages. By sending out newsletters to your contacts, and talking about your social media pages with links to them, people can then go to your pages and “Like” or Share them with others. This simple step can help to generate more exposure for you and is as easy as sending an email!

Include a Call-To-Action in Your Newsletter

Another great way you can use newsletters to generate more business is to include a Call-to-Action in the newsletters you send out. It is always great to bring more people to your social media pages through the use of newsletters; however, if you can get them to call you directly and schedule an appointment after reading one of your newsletters then that is even better! By adding a Call-to-Action like, “Call today to schedule your next check-up” or “Give us a call to learn more about our services and how they can help you,” you can attract people to your website or business and turn that lead into revenue.
By combining your social media pages and the newsletters, you can increase your business’ exposure to a wider demographic and keep people engaged with your business much longer than the time it takes to read an email. Once they become followers of your social media pages, you can continue to keep them engaged with the business and bring them in time and time again for your services.
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