[Video] Your 90-Second Social Media Calendar

Generally, businesses have three struggles with making their social media work: 1) they do not post enough 2) they post too often 3) they post the wrong sort of content.

The debate between too little, too much, and the right sort of content often comes back to the proprietor. Social media managers tend to post when they have the time to do so and are more likely to post content they like and that is easy to find verses something that resonates with their audience. Since engagement (in the way of likes, comments, and shares) is the end goal of a successful social media effort, one can see how these shortcuts could result in social media shortcomings.
To help social media managers at your business avoid these three struggles and put the needs and wants of their audiences first, we’ve put together the below 90-second marketing tip video on when, where, and how often to post in order to hit the right audience, with the right content, at the right time.

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