Why You Should Monitor Social Media

As more and more people begin to adopt social media, its role in marketing and business development is becoming increasingly relevant. To put it in perspective, monitoring active social media outlets should be as routine as checking your voicemails.
Making your business accessible on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is the perfect way to create opportunities for your clients to publicly provide feedback and useful information. What’s more is that they don’t need to go out of their way to engage with your business – these are sites that they are probably already using.

Build a Community & Loyalty

Building a community around your brand is the most important objective when using social media as a small business. Users on these kind of sites will most often follow the pages or profiles that encourage them to join the conversation. Creating a “buzz” around your business on social media is an effective way to build client loyalty and establish a new line of communication outside of the office that otherwise might not have been open. It lets users know that what they have to say is valuable to you.

Provide Great Customer Service

By keeping your posts engaging, users can publicly respond and voice their opinions. This is critical to business development for several reasons. It gives you the ability to gauge the satisfaction of your client base; with that information you can make changes as necessary to better serve them. A positive buzz surrounding your page is a fundamental part of influencing potential clients to check out your business.
If some of the comments or reviews your clients are leaving aren’t so positive, the opportunities to take action can be just as useful. Publicly responding to both types of reviews can be your chance to repair the relationship with an unhappy client, or show your gratitude to the dedicated ones that are keeping your doors open.

A Rewarding Experience

Ultimately, keeping your eye on your social media is only becoming more important in today’s culture. By taking part, you are telling your clients that you want to hear what they have to say. More importantly, you want to use that information to deliver them a better service and experience.

The Benefits of Social Media
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