3 Things Your Website Needs for SEO

Are your SEO rankings not quite as high as you hoped? If you have entered in metadata and still aren’t seeing improvements, there are a few additional steps you can take to improve your overall optimization. These steps are easy to accomplish and will benefit your website greatly in the long run.

Optimizing your website is an ongoing process and requires the continuous addition of unique keyword-rich content. Along with regular website maintenance, adding the options below on a consistent basis will enable you to increase conversions and organic rankings of your practice’s website.

Adding Video to Your Business’ Website

It has been continually noted that relevant results which include videos are ranking higher than text-only content, especially for videos hosted on YouTube. We recommend that you begin adding media-rich content to your website, but it must be relevant to the page it is placed on. Doing so adds more value to the content on the page.

When placing a video on a content page, you need to verify the written content supports the information provided in the video. You can do this by:

•    Writing a page title that describes the content of the video and page.
•    Including important keywords throughout the text content.
•    When uploading YouTube videos to embed, ensuring the keywords/descriptions/tags on YouTube match the written content on your website.
•    Including a transcript of the video in the video description and on the website.
•    Using only one video per page of content.

How Does Adding Content Improve Your Rankings?

Meta keywords are a technique of the past. In fact, meta keywords are not taken into consideration by search engines. It is more important to include content on your website that is relevant to your practice and original content that you wrote. To replace the need for meta keywords, fill the content with keywords that are appropriate to the topic. If your content is answering questions a client may have then you’re heading in the right direction.

Best Practices for Page Content

Include more than just text on your pages.  Media-rich content on each page improves your rankings because Google sees media content as more engaging.

Types of content you should add to your web pages:

•    Pages describing the services you offer in detail (instructional videos are a good idea)
•    A FAQ page – answer commonly asked questions
•    Utilize blog posts to add new content or announcements with ease. If your blog is integrated into your website then each blog post creates a new page on the website.

Utilizing a Call-to-Action on Your Website

A call-to-action is the best way to grab a website visitor’s attention and convert them into an appointment. CTAs ask visitors to submit their contact information to receive deals or additional information. It is recommended that you place your CTAs in places that will easily be seen by site visitors and are not surrounded by any distracting content.

Things you’ll want to keep in mind when creating CTAs:

•    Use Bright colors for the button that stands out from the rest of the website
•    Offer the clients a deal or free trial if they sign up or click the button
•    Make sure the CTA is relevant to the content of the website
•    Use verbs like “Click,” “Submit,” or “Receive”
•    Use words or phrases that create a sense of urgency

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