5 Veterinary YouTube Channels You Need to Follow

YouTube is a great platform for entertainment and education. Veterinarian YouTube channels are an excellent resource for practicing professionals. Not only can they keep up with the latest trends and news in the industry, but veterinarians can also learn innovations and tricks from other veterinary clinics and health authorities.

In short, if you’re looking to grow your private practice veterinary facility, YouTube can be incredibly helpful for you to reach your goals. As a start, you can subscribe to these YouTube channels to get inspired:


MercolaHealthyPets is the official YouTube channel of Dr. Karen Becker. This channel posts a variety of content, including pet food recipes, interviews with veterinary clinic professionals, and features on pet parents and patients.

You’ll get to see educational videos on pet nutrition and wellness and insightful discussions on animal and human health. This channel approaches veterinary science in a practical way so everyday people can better understand the intricacies of veterinary medicine.

Among the channel’s most popular videos include the best and worst pet food options in the market and the truth about spaying and neutering. The channel also sheds some light on various veterinary treatments for more pet owners to appreciate them better.

Suppose you’re looking to market your veterinary clinic as one that delivers exceptional and consistent care. In that case, you can get a lot of helpful insight from various vet professionals through this veterinarian channel. At the same time, you can also get ideas on explaining animal and human diseases better to your patients.

Veterinary students can learn many practical lessons such as advanced animal health, service programs benefiting animal welfare, and veterinary ophthalmology through this channel. You’ll be able to explain veterinary services in an informative yet engaging way.

What’s nice about this YouTube channel is although it delves into the clinical sciences that revolve around pet care, it also has light content such as features on cats for entertainment purposes. While it may talk about veterinary and agricultural sciences, even everyday people can appreciate the topics.

Overall, there’s a great mix of animal health-related topics and cute pets for people to enjoy. If you’re looking for ideas for compassionate veterinary medicine, this channel can help you market your services better.

MercolaHealthyPets has over 174,000 subscribers. Their videos range from 5 minutes to one-hour long. You can learn about them by visiting their website. Their website features a lot of helpful information that a full-service veterinary hospital can benefit from.

Veterinary Network

Veterinary Network is a YouTube channel that focuses on free veterinary care. This is an excellent channel for pet owners to learn how to take better care of their pets. From exercise to nutrition, there are a lot of practical lessons that pet parents can learn to avoid pet health issues in the future.

If you’re in the veterinary profession, what you can learn from this YouTube channel is to engage your audience in a compassionate yet informative way. Veterinary Network can help your vet clinic explain veterinary medicine topics without getting too technical. You can also learn a lot of valuable pieces of advice to market your high-quality professional services.

As a veterinary practice, your goal is to be relatable to your clients and showcase your professional veterinary medical program. Through this channel, you can learn how to detail veterinary agri-health services in a way that won’t intimidate your patients.

This YouTube channel is also very educational for pet parents. You can show videos to your clients for them to better appreciate how to take care of their pets properly. At the same time, you can explain how emergency and specialty hospitals can aid in proper pet health care. Overall, you can teach customers how to provide the best care at home while promoting the best veterinary services that your professional and courteous staff offers patients.

Veterinary students can benefit significantly from this channel because the videos provide outstanding veterinary education through thoughtful yet educational videos. When you’re explaining doctor veterinary practice concepts to future clients, you can refer to this channel’s videos on how to deliver your messages in a friendly manner.

If you’re interested in starting your own YouTube channel on vet tech, you can get inspired on how to deliver your messages through this resource. After all, while your goal is to provide free veterinary care advice, the aim is to establish your clinical sciences as an authority in the industry.

Their most popular content delves into home remedies for sick dogs and indications that your pet is about to do. This shows how pet owners are immensely concerned about providing the best healthy home environment for pets. Interestingly, the channel’s most popular videos center on dog content.

Veterinary Network has over thirty-three thousand subscribers. The videos on the channel are usually two to five minutes long, which means you don’t have to spend too much time learning a thing or two about veterinary marketing. There are over 800 videos on their channel, so you can spend hours learning from this channel.

Jess Cliffe

Jess Cliffe is the YouTube channel of Jess Cliffe, a veterinary student from New Zealand that is sharing her journey through veterinary school. This YouTube channel is more than a resource for hyperbaric veterinary medicine and horse health education. You can learn many practical lessons on pet care, which is why her audience goes beyond just veterinary students.

Through this channel, people get a glimpse of what it’s like to study veterinary medicine. It details the highs and lows in the journey to becoming a professional veterinarian. There are many valuable tips and tricks for pet owners to provide the most nurturing and healthy environment at home.

Veterinary students or those looking to study veterinary diagnostic laboratory medicine in the future get to pick up some excellent advice on the journey to becoming a vet. At the same time, you also get a glimpse of what it takes to provide the highest quality veterinary care. This channel shows people that veterinary school can be challenging yet incredibly rewarding at the same time.

If you’re managing a veterinary hospital, this YouTube channel can teach you how to train your vet nurse and vet assistant better. You can also learn practical ways to explain scientific terms to your clients. Although her content remains true to clinical sciences, she makes sure her videos can be understood by anyone curious about pet care.

This channel is worth subscribing to because you get a fresh perspective on what it’s like to learn veterinary medicine as a veterinary practice. It details the experiences of someone looking to become an expert, so you get to remember what it’s like to learn the basics and how to relate to your clients better.

The most popular videos on this channel talk about veterinary basics and a day in the life of the veterinary school. This demonstrates the level of interest people have in learning about veterinary medicine. If you’re looking to entice young people to join your all-star veterinary practice investment group, you might excite them through this channel.

This channel has nearly ten thousand subscribers.

These are only some of the best YouTube channels veterinarians and aspiring veterinarians should subscribe to. They’re great resources to learn about the industry and improve one’s digital marketing strategies at the same time. 

Veterinary Secrets

Veterinary Secrets is a practical YouTube channel that teaches you how to take better care of your cats and dogs at home. This channel provides natural remedies so people can heal their pets and save on expensive veterinary costs. 

Hosted by Dr. Andrew Jones, Veterinary Secrets advocates natural pet health. This channel features short educational and instructional ‘How To’ videos on common pet health concerns, new discoveries and updates in conventional and holistic veterinary medicine, as well as tips, techniques, and home remedies to help your dog and cat.

What makes this YouTube channel so popular is how it helps pet owners minimize their spending on pet health. It focuses on natural ways pet parents can give their pets the best care without having to spend too much. 

Through this channel, people get to learn a lot of ways they can save on costs for caring for their pets. As veterinarians, this channel gives you insight into what type of content pet owners find useful. In turn, you can craft content or promote your services that address these problems. If you’re a veterinary student, you get to learn about what techniques you should specialize in to attract more patients in the future.

At the same time, you can provide your patients with practical advice by tuning in to this particular YouTube channel. You can show your clients some videos, and then complement their advice with your own expertise to further establish your position as a pet health expert.

This YouTube channel is worth subscribing to because it shows you what pet owners are most concerned about nowadays. The most popular videos on the channel delve into topics like dog barking, sneezing, and ear mites. While these concerns may seem trivial, their popularity shows how important they are to deal with for pet owners. 

With over 574,000 subscribers, this particular YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of viewers for each video. Some videos even have millions of views. This goes to show how pet owners are eager to learn about practical ways to take care of their pets.

All About Cats

As the name of this YouTube channel suggests, All About Cats is a channel that focuses on caring for one’s feline friends. Since 2016, AAC has been on a mission to give caring humans the knowledge they need to give their furkids happier, healthier lives.

This channel provides unbiased reviews for pet products as well as buyer’s guides and other information that can help cat owners give their pets the best care possible. What’s great about AAC is how it gives viewers honest takes on cat care products so people would know what they can expect when they buy these items. 

Aside from practical shopping guides, this channel shares pet care tips that concern common pet health problems. Cat owners can learn how to better communicate with their pets and give them the proper help they need to raise happy and healthy cats. 

The most popular videos on the channel talk about cat litters, which goes to show how concerned cat owners are when it comes to cat litters. There is also a lot of popular content on cat food, so pet owners would know which ones are a hit among feline friends. Before cat owners shop for their pets, this channel might provide insight on what’s worth spending on from what’s not. 

This YouTube channel is worth subscribing to for veterinarians because it provides you with some insight into what concerns cat owners today. From their insights, you can then market the services or products that would best address these concerns. If you’re looking to promote specific offerings, this channel shows you what type of videos cat owners would find compelling or entertaining. 

All About Cats has nearly 110 thousand subscribers, and the channel’s videos have over 9.7 million views. This demonstrates just how popular cat care-related content is nowadays. If your practice specializes in cat health, you should subscribe to this channel to learn more about what cat owners want and need. 

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These are only some of the best YouTube channels veterinarians and aspiring veterinarians should subscribe to. They’re great resources to learn about the industry and improve one’s digital marketing strategies at the same time. 

Their content demonstrates what topics are of interest to today’s pet owners, which can be incredibly useful when you’re crafting your own content marketing strategy. See how you can get started with a professional content marketing plan, call 800.792.8384 or click here

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