AIPIP: But It’s So Obvious

Meet healthcare provider Dr. Scott from the American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians (AIPIP), who uses his medical expertise to help other chiropractic professionals in the field. Recently, Dr. Scott is breaking down the concept of med-legal disconnect. Want to learn more? Watch this video below.

Dr. Scott, AIPIP

Video Transcript

My new PI patient was just involved in a motor vehicle crash, therefore it’s so obvious their symptoms are coming from that injury.

Not so fast my healthcare friends! What seems so obvious to us is actually one of many med-legal disconnects found in the PI arena.

What’s a med-legal disconnect? Well, I’m glad you asked…

My definition of a med-legal disconnect is something we as healthcare providers think is so obvious or self-evident that it doesn’t have to be formally stated, mentioned, or documented – wrong.

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott from AIPIP,

One of the biggest disconnects is the causation statement. To summarize, this is a statement in the medical records regarding the relationship of the patient’s injuries to the precipitating event.

A motor vehicle crash, for example, seems obvious but, it’s not, and many miss this crucial documentation step or put in statements that are just not going to hold up to any level of scrutiny.

Understanding and overcoming med-legal disconnects will help your cases, and your marketability and separate you from the rest of the PI crowd.

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