Best Veterinary Social Media Accounts to Follow

Want to see what other veterinarians are doing on social media? We broke down some of the best and brightest veterinary social media accounts worth following for inspiration.

If you’re keeping things old school and strictly doing marketing ‘offline,’ you’ll miss out on many tremendous opportunities. For starters, why should your business be on social media? Social media has the ability to amplify awareness of your practice exponentially. Secondly, you can get feedback from your current pool of clients, trust us when we say online reviews matter today.

You have the power to influence, inspire your audience, and be of service to more pet owners in need of professional assistance. Pet parents need professionals like you to provide proper care and guidance for their pet’s health. It’s your responsibility to step up and make your presence known. 

That being said, the internet loves animal content. In a way, you’re ahead of the social media marketing game because you can access materials people love. If you’re new to veterinary social media marketing, don’t worry. This article will spotlight fun, educational, and creative veterinarians who have mastered using social media. You can learn a thing or two from their strategies to help inspire your own social media branding style.

1. Jungle Doctor

photo of exotic pets.

If you want to attract more happy pet parents on Instagram, you should follow @jungle_doctor. This is the official social media channel of Australian veterinary professional, conservationist, and author Dr. Chloe Buiting.

Buiting is essentially an exotic pet veterinarian traveling the world. She shares a good mix of educational and inspirational content on exotic animal trivia and clinical breakthroughs.

If you’re wondering about post ideas you can share on your veterinary clinic’s Instagram account, you can consider the following:

  • Success stories of the animals you’ve treated
  • Behind-the-scenes posts of the veterinary hospital
  • Social media contests to encourage pet owners to engage with your Instagram page
  • Pet-themed holidays like Ginger cat appreciation day

For example, she shares content on the exotic veterinary programs she’s a part of and encourages other veterinary professionals to join her in her journey to provide proper care for more animals. She also posts news stories about animals she’s cared for on the job to keep online users informed about the reality of wildlife nowadays. Her candid posts about poaching and other harmful practices shed light on the dangers animals face because of humanity.

Through social media, she has been able to educate more people about pet health in the wild. At the same time, she’s been demonstrating how she’s an authority in exotic animal health. Her social media has helped build trust among people to the point she’s published a very well-received book. This goes to show how social media can be key to building your credibility as a professional.

What can you learn from Bunting’s social media page? One valuable lesson is that Instagram has a very strong emphasis on visuals. Veterinary hospitals should consider the quality of photos or videos they share on Instagram. Using engaging pet photos, graphics, and videos on their social media channels is essential.

2. Exotic Pet Vet

TikTok is also a great platform that veterinary practices should consider getting into. When it comes to TikTok, you can get inspiration from Exotic Pet Vet. This is the social media page of Dr. Rachel Siu, a dog, cat, and exotic animal veterinarian.

On this TikTok channel, pet parents can find tips for exotic pets like Geckos, quaker parrots, turtles, lizards, and snakes. It’s a good resource for people who want to take care of exotic animals or those who already have ones in their care.

Dr. Rachel’s content can be graphic since she shows various medical conditions or surgeries of her animal patients. Her candid content keeps clients informed about the reality of animal healthcare. She sheds light on what it takes to care for a pet’s health properly.

If your veterinary clinic is interested in reaching potential and existing clients via TikTok, here’s a tip: video content is very popular and influential. While your own blog posts can explain complicated concepts, videos can better attract viewers’ attention. People have shorter attention spans nowadays, and not everyone has the patience and time to read long articles. Videos can get the message across in a matter of a few seconds.

In fact, many veterinary practices have used this mega-popular social media platform to tell their stories and widen their reach. Through a social media channel like TikTok, you can communicate stories and essential information to pet owners, build a community, and effectively engage with clients by emphasizing patient stories. 

3. Veterinary Secrets

veterinarian examining pet dog.

TikTok isn’t the only social media channel for videos you should explore. YouTube is fantastic for client communication and making engaging long-form videos. If you want to learn from the best when it comes to YouTube, you should subscribe to Veterinary Secrets.

Veterinary Secrets is the official social media page of Dr. Andrew Jones. Dr. Jones is a natural pet health advocate and author who enjoys making free instructional and educational materials on YouTube. You can find ‘How To’ videos on common pet health concerns on this channel, making it a practical resource for pet owners.

Some of his latest content include the following:

  • Kennel cough in dogs
  • How to quickly stop a dog barking
  • Dog lump and bump home remedies

This YouTube channel is worth subscribing to because it shows veterinarians what pet owners are most concerned about nowadays. You get an idea of what clients want to see on veterinary social media pages. Veterinary Secrets has over 665,000 subscribers on YouTube. His videos have an average of 10 thousand views, while the most popular ones even reach millions of views.

From Veterinary Secrets and other successful veterinary YouTube channels, you can learn that you can highlight your veterinary journey through video. Every veterinary practice has a story; you can tell yours through your YouTube channel.

What kind of content should you share on YouTube? Ask yourself, what makes your practice unique? Detail the highs and lows of your veterinary practice daily life. This narrative tells the average viewer the reality of the job. You can also show off client success stories from dogs undergoing surgery to an adorable pet visit to the groomer.

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4. VetTechPrep

Are you interested in creating a Twitter account? If yes, you should consider following VetTechPrep. According to their Twitter bio, this account is “the most comprehensive online interactive veterinary technician study guide to help you prepare for the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE).

On this page, you’ll find content like interesting cases for people to learn from, fun facts about specific breeds, and special pet holidays potential clients might appreciate. Their posts are compelling to create a community because they drive the conversation based on facts and trusted resources. There are educational infographics as well as blog posts that lead to their website.

This Twitter page also proves that you can educate followers more effectively if you post consistently. Moreover, you can build trust and credibility. If you’re interested in opening an account on a social network like Twitter, you should save time scheduling posts with a social media calendar.

Why should you create a social media calendar? It’s a great way to increase your engagement with your followers online. With the help of a calendar, you can streamline your posts, so you don’t have to think of new exciting topics on the fly. It can also help you prepare for content in advance.

5. Veterinary Practice News

Dog holding newspaper.

Because it’s one of the most popular social media platforms, you should consider opening a Facebook page. To get ideas of what makes a successful Veterinary Facebook page, you should look no further than Veterinary Practice News.

Veterinary Practice News is a great account with plenty of educational content. This is a magazine that has definitely mastered its social media game. Veterinary Practice News ensures its Facebook page is filled with plenty of blog post links to promote its website accordingly.

On this Facebook page, you can find how-to guides and exciting facts on veterinary care. It’s an excellent resource for pet owners, filled with enticing content that can pique the interest of new clients.

You can learn many valuable lessons from successful Facebook pages like Veterinary Practice News that can drive more traffic to your website. Among these lessons is that you should prioritize educational posts about pet care. Why? Pet parents are curious about what they can do to be the greatest owners they can be, so providing them with essential information online can stimulate their interest.

Veterinary hospitals like yours should remember that your audience isn’t usually other healthcare professionals that understand the medical jargon. You’re communicating with potential and current clients who can only process simple explanations.  So a good tip is to make your posts as straightforward as possible. Your posts should be easy to read and free of any misspellings or grammatical errors. 

6. Snout School

Christmas themed pet background image.

Another great Veterinary social media page you can learn a thing or two from is Snout School. This social media channel has a very candid approach to content, and its authenticity makes people appreciate it even more.

Here are some content ideas that you can explore on your own social media pages:

  • Holiday posts such as National Pet day or National Rescue day 
  • Local community events like pet adoptions and pet meet
  • Content on staff members and the office itself

You can find a good mix of relevant memes and inspirational content on Snout School. There are even passionate pleas for anti-racism and living wages. This page demonstrates that it’s cool to care and show others how important it is to fight for what you believe in.

While there are many lessons veterinary hospitals can learn from this page, one of the most significant ones is to have fun with your content. Although your practice wants to be perceived as a respected institution that shares safety tips and compelling facts, you shouldn’t be afraid to inject an element of fun into it.

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Subscribing to these veterinary social media pages can be of great value when starting out or if your practice is looking for ways to improve your marketing efforts. However, it can be challenging to devise a winning social media marketing game plan while managing a business.

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