How to Capitalize on Resolutions in Your Marketing

It’s the beginning of the year and this is the best time to use those New Year’s Resolutions to your advantage. Everyone is looking to make improvements and changes and using that to promote your business will help to grab their attention.
Some of the top resolutions that could be used in your marketing are:

  • New Year, Healthier You
  • Lose Weight
  • Save Money
  • Cut Stress

While these are just a few examples, they are easy ones to incorporate into your online marketing. Think of your clients and their goals or even your personal goals. You can use these resolutions as promotions, discounts or even motivational challenges that could result in a prize at the end.  A few fun examples to try would be:

  • Start a weight loss challenge with your clients including prizes or discounts. You can use Facebook to create a motivational support group.
  • Partner up with neighboring businesses in your area and have cross promotions to encourage healthier lifestyles. If you’re in a health field partnering up with a spa or massage place is a great way to bring in more clients.
  • Run a promotion that offers a discount to encourage saving money; if you have a business that requires multiple visits offer package deals.
  • If you have clients with pets have some promotions that involve resolutions that include their pets, such as discounted vaccinations to save money or grooming to cut the stress of pet maintenance.

When you decided what type of campaign you want to run, make sure you are reaching as many potential clients as possible by promoting it on your website and any social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Instagram. Have promotional flyers in your office so your existing clients can tell their friends. Mentioning that you have new promotions on your website on your office voicemail can increase the reach potential of your online marketing efforts.

Need more tips on how to market your business online this year? Call 1-800-462-8749 to speak with an Internet Marketing Consultant and get tips tailored to your business.

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