Client Retention Strategies That Work

So you’ve found your ideal client and they’ve made their first appointment. How do you ensure that they keep their appointment and keep coming back? When a client gets to the point of making an appointment, that doesn’t mean that they’ll convert into a long-term client. But, when you put these retention strategies into action, you’ll make a client for life.

Manage Your Client Relationships

By putting a system in place to send automatic appointment reminders and confirmations, educational and promotional emails, and one-off messaging to reduce no-shows, you can increase your recall rates. And if you automate this process, and use the client’s preferred method of communication, you can keep communication lines open and stay on the forefront of your client’s mind.

Send Appointment Reminders

No shows are no fun. And aside from being a tad bit annoying for you and your staff, they can also cost you money.

Don’t let those booked appointments slip through the cracks! Use appointment reminders via text, email, voice calls, etc to remind your clients of their upcoming appointment.

Make sure that when you first connect with your client either when they’re booking their first appointment or during their visit that you or your staff jot down their preferred method of contact so they know that communication will be coming via that avenue. A bonus? You’re saving your team hours on the phone each week confirming with clients.

Offer Texting Options

Do you have that one client that just doesn’t respond well to calling or emailing? You may want to consider finding a system that allows you to text back and forth with clients in real-time.

You’ll be able to get a response from even the hardest to find clients to ensure that they know what’s going on and when they need to come back for a visit.

Be Present In Their Inbox

Keep your clients thinking about your practice, and how you can help them, by sending email promotions and newsletters.
Consider creating email templates based on the typical email communication that you send to your clients. Then come up with an email calendar so that you aren’t sending emails out too frequently. The next step is simply coming up with the newsletter content and email promotions you want to send.

In your newsletters, you can include educational information about your field, the latest technology in your office, or even introduce a new staff member or highlight a happy client. When clients see you in their inbox, it’s like you’re offering an extension of your office and knowledge to them in their own homes.

Boost and Maintain Your Reputation

When you engage with your clients, you build up a solid relationship with them. And those types of relationships are the perfect way to boost your reputation, especially when your clients have had good experiences with your practice.

Ask for Reviews

If you aren’t currently asking your happy clients to review your business online, you may be missing out on the benefits of your current clients’ satisfaction. You can also ask for private feedback from any less than stellar interactions so that you can address concerns immediately before they bubble up into issues.

Send Out Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Continue to keep clients happy by keeping your ear to the ground and staying abreast of any concerning issues your patients or clients may have. Get in the practice of sending out satisfaction surveys to your clients either at a certain time of the year or after appointments. When your practice receives the answers, you can use the feedback received as a way to address any concerns or highlight any positives with the staff.

Continue Converting Visitors Into Clients

Offering outstanding customer service isn’t just the job of the doctor. You need to have your whole staff on board to ensure that a client is satisfied with their experience at your practice and will continue to return again and again.

In addition to putting these systems in place, consider putting a plan in place with your staff to ensure that each client’s experience is a positive one. And if not, that there are ways to address any concerns.

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Author: Liliana Cervantes

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