How to Convert Your Blog Readers Into Clients

Providing valuable information for users through blog posts is a great way to keep people returning to your website and eventually convert readers into clients. When creating custom content, understanding the needs and interests of your audience is the key to success.

Some content creators believe that because visitors are reading the content on their website, that automatically means that they will sign up for a product or service. But, it’s a bit more complicated than that when it comes to making the transition to monetize your blog.

Your content should consistently attract potential clients to your site and encourage them to look at the rest of your website so they can see what it is your business has to offer. If you are not yet in the phase where your blog is converting visitors into new clients, we’re here to help. Here are 4 effective ways to convert blog readers into clients.

1. Identify your audience.

Identify audienceIf you’re trying to figure out how to get more blog readers, you must first identify your audience. Your targeted audience determines which topics you use in your content. You must be well-versed on current topics to draw in the audience that exists in that specific industry.

For example, if you are a veterinarian and you want to speak to pet owners, your content could include topics like alternative medicine for pets. Do your best to stay up-to-date on the hot topics in your industry to draw inspiration from.

Prospective clients want to know about the most recent information and providing this in your content will bring them back to your website and help to establish you as an authority figure.

Your writing style should also reflect the audience that you are trying to reach. You wouldn’t use the same language in your content to attract athletes to a chiropractic practice as you would to speak to soon-to-be mothers, right?

Industry-specific content will help build trust with potential clients. If users trust you, they come back time and time again because they know you can give them the most updated information.

2. Create solutions for your audience.

Having content that interests your audience is just the tip of the iceberg. Teaching your audience to solve a problem is a huge asset for driving conversions. If you can help them resolve a pain point, it will boost their confidence in your ability to provide them with useful information and services.

Your audience is seeking a solution to a problem and this is your opportunity to show them that well… you are the solution. Once you assist them in resolving a pain point, the next time they find themselves in a similar situation, they’ll come to you.

Blog Audience
Whenever you create content that educates your readers, you should include a CTA (call-to-action). For example, if a reader enters your site because you had a blog post written about how to help patients find the best eyeglasses to match their face shape, include something actionable at the end of the post.

In this example, you may write something like: “If you need more information on eyeglasses, please give our office a call.

Bonus tip! Your call-to-action doesn’t just have to be lead to a web page. It could also encourage readers to:

  • Share on their social media channels
  • Sign up for your email list
  • Online chat with a representative
  • Request a demo
  • Look at pricing for products and services

3. Show client testimonials and reviews.

ReviewsBefore people make a purchase, they want to know what type of business they’re purchasing from. They want to know the experiences of past and current clients and what better way for them to know this than client testimonials and reviews.
When they have proof of how great your business is, this helps the decision to purchase from you a little easier. After seeing real reviews from real people, it builds brand trust. You can provide the option to leave ratings and reviews through a portal on your website or on your favorite business directory listing site.

To gain client testimonials, you can simply reach out to a trustworthy client and ask them for one. The great thing about testimonials is that they don’t have to just be written reviews. It can be a video, quote, case study, etc. If possible, provide proof so prospective clients see that you are a dependable leader in your local industry.

4. Add readers to your email list.

Email ListFor some businesses, attracting people to your website to read your content is simple, but the real challenge is actually getting readers to join their email list. After people have read your blog post, many of them might leave your website and never look back. So what can you do to encourage them to visit your site again? Emails!

Email subscribers are more easily converted into clients. When you have their email address, you can now communicate with them about your business and work on building a relationship with these people. You can contact them every time new content goes live, inform them of promotions you’re having, or just send a welcome email.

After they’ve interacted with your content multiple times, you can begin to introduce your products and services. At this point, they are familiar with your business and view you as an authority in your industry.

Building a profitable blog.

Content can help you increase web traffic and conversions at your practice. Blog posts, in particular, can help you succeed in doing so. Writing content that will educate or answer questions will give you the upper hand needed to obtain more clients and monetize your blog.

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