How to Help Patients Choose Glasses for Their Face Shape

Glasses don’t just help you see, they’re a fashion statement! Since your patients wear their glasses every day, they’re looking for frames that make them feel as good as they look. Not only should the prescription be accurate, but the frames should be stylish and comfortable. However, glasses style is not one size fits all. To help your patients choose the glasses that are best for face shape, use this helpful style guide!

Identify the Patient’s Face Shape

Firstly, help your patient identify their face shape. The basic face shapes include oval, round, heart, and square. If the patient is unsure as to which category best describes them, show him or her a visual reference to these shapes. Another way to help your client determine their face shape is to provide pictures of people who fit the various descriptions.

Try This Exercise!

Is your client still having trouble deciding which shape best describes their facial structure? Have your patient stand in front of a mirror or snap a quick selfie. Make sure that his or her face is relaxed and all hair has been pulled back. Next, have them use a dry erase marker or drawing app on their phone to trace the shape around their face. Compare the outline to the list of face shapes and decide which is most similar.

If the patient has an oval shape…

An oval-shaped face is longer than it is wide and the chin is slightly more narrow than the forehead. A variety of frames can work well with this versatile face shape, such as square or round styles in either dark or light colors. It’s best to steer clear of bulky, oversized frames that obscure your patient’s beautiful face!

If the patient has a round shape…

A round face shape has a subtle circular shape with similar width and length proportions. The best glasses styles are square or rectangular frames. These angular frames provide a complimentary contrast to the soft contours of a circular face. Encourage your patient to experiment with thicker frames and funky styles, they can pull them off! However, people with a round face shape should generally avoid round styles and narrow frames.

If the patient has a heart shape…

A heart shape is defined by a forehead that is broader than the jawline and chin. Round or oval styles with neutral colored frames create balance and don’t overpower the narrower jawline. Top heavy styles or wide frames tend to overwhelm this facial structure by placing too much emphasis on the forehead. Have your patients try on trendy styles like round, metal frames in lighter colors.

If the patient has a square shape…

A square shape is typically angular with a strong structure to the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. To create contrast with the squareness of this face shape, show your patients round and oval frames in dark colors. Is your patient looking for something a little more adventurous? Try the cat eye glasses style in a bold color!

See How iMatrix Employees Rock Their Glasses!

You know that glasses are essential to your patient’s everyday life, but they’re also a stylish accessory! Follow this guide to help your patient choose the best glasses for face shape and personal glasses style so that they always look as good as they see.

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