Using Hashtag Marketing to Boost Your Business

If you’re a social media user, especially on Twitter and Instagram, then you’re familiar with the pound symbol, now known as the hashtag. The hashtag has made it fast and simple to search for all content on each social platform that pertains to a specific topic. This allows the average user and business owner the opportunity to see all the content organized in one place and be part of the discussion without missing anything.

Hashtags are the perfect opportunity for companies to create brand awareness and produce more visibility for their services and products. Creating your own hashtag is a way to define yourself and stand out from other businesses.

Using hashtags as part of your marketing campaign creates a uniqueness about your brand because no other business will be using the exact same hashtag to promote what they have to offer to customers. It makes it as easy as possible for consumers to connect with you and subsequently generate more traffic to your site.

Brand Hashtags

Now, there are different types of hashtags for different marketing plans. A brand hashtag is one that you will use to define your company with. It should be a universal tag that is used on all your social platforms as a means of communication for your customers.

The tag should be relevant to your company and something memorable. It can be your company name or the slogan you use or will use as a way for people to recognize who you are.

This will be your central tag so it’s important that you think of one that will always stick and be applicable to the essence of the brand that you are trying to portray to your customers.

For example, Nike has “Just do it.” This slogan is short, simple and easy to remember. It also evokes a feeling of determination and perseverance when people hear it because Nike has consistently campaigned for many years with this mantra to athletes about doing what you have to do in order to be successful. The #JustDoIt tag is unique to their brand and customers know exactly what company it is the moment they hear it.

Campaign Hashtags

Social media campaign tags and brand tags essentially have the same goal, which is attracting more attention to your company name. But, there is also a major difference between the two. A campaign tag is specific to your current marketing campaign.

This tag will be used, for example, if you’re running a particular promotion for a period of time or some type of contest for your clients to enter. Using a tag for this specific plan will generate more buzz and get others interested in participating as it’s shared.
One campaign tag that was very popular was Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign in 2014. The idea was to share a Coke with someone by offering them personalized bottles that had their name printed on them. This plan not only went viral with millions of impressions on social media, but it connected with people on a personal level because they were about to actually purchase a Coke with their name or someone else’s.

The campaign and hashtag did so well that they are both still used to this day. This simple tag helped to take Coca-Cola’s image on social media to the next level and could do the same for you. A campaign tag is a powerful tool that can get your target audience to interact with you and effectively promote your product and services.

Evoke an Emotion

When people see your hashtag, does it make them want to laugh, cry or get angry? What type of emotional reaction are you looking for from your clients when they click on the tag? To leave a lasting impression, you have to be memorable and people always remember how you made them feel.

If you own a veterinary practice and you’re running a promotion for current clients where they receive a free bag of pet food if they refer a friend to you, create a tag that is relevant to the promo. It could be something as simple as #FreebiesforFriends and when someone clicks on the hashtag they would be able to see all the content you posted related to the tag. It would also show that this promotion can help to benefit them and your practice.

Once they share this content, then others become interested and that, in turn, will generate more traffic for your site and increase brand awareness.

Be Consistent

While we all know that most people on social media use it for entertainment purposes, you can do this as well as long as it is consistent with your brand. If you own a chiropractic clinic and utilize social media, you may be formal online just as you are in person with your clients.

But, if you’re the owner of a business that prides itself in having fun and being entertaining, make sure customers can all see that in your online presence. Stay true to yourself and your brand. Be genuine in the way you interact with current and potential customers.

Be Creative

Now that you know how powerful hashtags can be for your business marketing plan, put it into action. Whether you’re brainstorming a brand or campaign hashtag, remember to be unique so you stand out from others and stay consistent with who you are as a company.

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