iMatrix and Compliancy Group Announce New Partnership

iMatrix and Compliancy Group have announced a partnership to bring web marketing services to Compliancy Group’s clients. Compliancy Group’s web-based total HIPAA compliance solution is widely-endorsed and used by health care professionals throughout the eye care and medical industries. iMatrix provides website marketing services, while Compliancy Group focuses on helping its customers remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.
When multiple companies serve clients in the same industry, but in different ways, it makes sense for them to work together to ensure that those clients have access to each other’s resources. This allows the clients to easily satisfy all of their business needs more efficiently. This is the compatibility within the new partnership between iMatrix and Compliancy Group, as they will be able to extend the web marketing services to clients of Compliancy Group. iMatrix offers web marketing services to eye care professionals and other practice-based businesses, and Compliancy Group works with healthcare professionals to ensure that they are HIPAA compliant. Eye care professionals can address these growing challenges by accessing these combined services.
“We work extensively with professionals in our focus industries to ensure that we meet all of their marketing needs,” said Ali Nikoopour, iMatrix’s business development manager. “However, we don’t stop there. We also seek to make life easier for our clients as much as possible. When this is best done by bringing another company to the table, we do exactly that. This is what we’ve done with our partnership with Compliancy Group.”
Compliancy Group President and CEO, Marc Haskelson, is just as eager to embark on the new partnership. “We’re sure that many of our clients will benefit from iMatrix’s web marketing services to grow their business online while improving patient scheduling and communication via their compliant web-based tools. Compliancy Group is focused on helping health care professionals become confident in their HIPAA compliance. We want to help health care professionals adopt more secure methods of communication to protect and build their practice,” he said.
About Compliancy Group
Compliancy Group is the industry-recognized leader in HIPAA compliance. Its web-based compliance solution, The Guard™, helps health care professionals across the industry become confident in their compliance. Its team of expert HIPAA Compliance Coaches ™ provide guided support to help educate clients about their HIPAA requirements. Compliancy Group is endorsed by eye care organizations across the country, including the American Optometric Association. For more information about how you can simplify HIPAA compliance for your eye care practice, visit

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