iMatrix & Scratchpay Team Up to Help Practices Increase Revenue

iMatrix + Scratchpay

Since launching in 2002, iMatrix has helped its doctors communicate more effectively, reach ideal audiences, improve their marketing messaging, and connect with their patients on a more meaningful level.
The veterinary industry–along with other sectors in the health & wellness space–has been an area of particular focus for iMatrix since our inception. Through our services, we’ve helped veterinary partners and other medical professionals grow their practices. 

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with an organization that shares our dedication to the businesses it assists: Scratchpay. This fintech startup has quickly become the fastest-growing financing provider in the veterinary industry, and is now offered at 1 in 5 vet clinics in the United States. They also recently entered into different verticals, including dental, chiropractic care, vision, and more.

Scratchpay’s simple, transparent payment plans provide pet parents and patients with a flexible, risk-free alternative to credit cards and other traditional financing options. Additionally, Scratchpay does not perform hard credit checks, which means that an applicant’s FICO score isn’t negatively impacted by viewing or accepting a Scratchpay payment plan.
Patients are also able to apply in minutes directly from their smartphone or any internet-connected device, fitting seamlessly into a medical practice’s workflow. 

On the clinic side, it’s free to get started and begin offering Scratchpay. The only cost ever associated with the solution is a flat rate provider fee on the payment plans that patients accept. There are no setup costs or no membership fees, and no new hardware or software integration is required.

Throughout this partnership, iMatrix and Scratchpay will collaborate to make both companies’ services available at even more medical practices. By encouraging their clients to consider adding Scratchpay to their financing suite, iMatrix can help clients grow smarter and bring in more foot traffic.
Lastly, Scratchpay and iMatrix also have synergies in the areas of telemedicine and curbside service brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic. iMatrix is already offering services to easily launch, monitor, and grow a telemedicine branch for medical practices.

Scratchpay’s system is 100% digital and requires no physical human contact during the application process, it has become an increasingly essential tool for its partners that are now relying on curbside service to drive revenue. In these unfortunate times, businesses need to adapt quickly to a new reality, and our combined services will help make that transition a whole lot easier.

We’re looking forward to helping our medical partners serve more clients in the months and years ahead–and joining forces with Scratchpay will make those relationships much more impactful. To learn more about the services provided by iMatrix and Scratchpay, and to receive a special discount, click here

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