Marketer’s Step-by-Step Guide to Online Success

Ever wish online marketing came with a step-by-step guide? Something that not only offered instructions on what to do but came with the needed pieces as well? Short of offering everyone their own marketing consultant, social media expert, and graphic designer, we came up with the next best option – an online marketing toolkit

It’s a sort of all-in-one pack that even a vet tech marketing novice can execute with precision. We started with an informative handout you can print and distribute to clients in the office. While we know this is not technically an online marketing activity, the contents of this handout correspond with the other materials we’ve created, which are online, so it all works in the end.

The purpose of having a physical something to hand to clients is that it’s the perfect conversation starter to get them to check out your blog or social media pages for more great info like this.  Think of it as a taste of what’s to come.

And to give them that taste, we deconstructed the handout into bite sized pieces of information that are perfect to post onto Facebook (or your social network of choice). Posted by themselves, you’re sure to catch attention, but paired with a link back to your blog – now you really have something powerful! 

A whole posting strategy from how to share on Facebook, to what to include in your blog post, and how to create that all-important backlink is detailed in the 3-step blogging plan included in the toolkit.

We laid out the topics to cover in your blog and even provide the graphic to use (the handout!); all you have to do is add in your own flare and style and voilà! you have an entire content marketing strategy that extends from in your office, to your social presence to your website and back again.  

While it might not solve all your marketing worries, we think our Online Success Toolkit is pretty neat. You can download your own copy of this tool kit, here

If you like this resource and would like to see similar toolkits in the future, please let us know! 

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