Maximizing Google Maps for Mobile

Google Maps has recently made a major update, unifying it across mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The importance of having a listing on Google Maps has become even more crucial for your business.
There are a few simple reasons to be listed on Google Maps. Clients want to find you, interact with you, and rave about your business. Google Maps also helps with your search engine rankings and provides online users with a quick glimpse of your business.

Get Found

We are living constantly mobile lives and, at the end of the day, most people do not reach a computer. They want to use their smart phone or tablet to find the closest and best experience. With accurate Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) information listed on Google Maps, your business will have a better chance at attracting new clients than other businesses that do not have accurate listings.

Amplify Your Voice

Another year goes by and so it seems another social network. However, with Google’s full weight behind the Google+ social network, its staying power is magnified. New Google Maps listings are combined with Google+ Business Pages. If your business does not have a Google+ Business Page yet, it is not too late. If you have a listing on Google Maps, it is imperative that you merge your listing with your Google+ Business Page. Clients want to hear what you have to say and interact with the content that you curate on Google+.

Seamless Reviews

Word of mouth is a powerful driver for business, but the duration and reach is much shorter than written reviews. Minimize the friction for your clients to leave reviews. As new clients come in with a tablet or smartphone in hand ask them to open Google Maps and write a quick review once they get home. Your client may have even reached your business through Google Maps free turn-by-turn directions. Writing a review is seamless as it is painless.

We all lead busy lives and being next to a computer is not always possible. However, Google Maps has made it easy for your business to connect with existing and future clients. Your business listing in Google Maps will appear in search results, display your voice through multimedia, and allow clients to leave a quick and invaluable review.
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