Increase Engagement with Patients Through Patient Portal

Connecting patients and doctors should be easy in this technology-driven world. Being able to provide a personalized experience for your patients can set you apart from your competitors.

With Patient Portal, your patients can check in on their health information all within a secure portal account accessible through your website.

In this secure portal account, patients can easily access and manage all communication about their health. Patients can request a future appointment, view upcoming scheduled appointments, and complete online forms, saving you time and resources.

4 Ways to Drive Engagement With Your Patient Portal

By allowing patients to manage some of their information without calling your practice, you have another way to engage your current patient base. Take advantage of this by utilizing each feature to nurture the relationships you have with patients.
Secure Messaging​

Digital Sign Up

Easily invite patients to their personal portal via email. Utilize this opportunity by including reasons why the patient portal is a key way to keep up with their health information and have access to your office over a secure messaging platform.

When patients receive their email, it’ll include a registration link that expires to keep their information secure. By letting patients know that the link does expire, you can create a sense of urgency for them to sign up and start using their portal right away.

Appointment Dashboard

Patient recall is important for any small or medium-size medical practice. Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can boost a company’s profitability by 75%? Give patients access to their past and upcoming appointments.

Enhance their experience with the option to request or confirm an appointment. This added ability to book an appointment and check on it later will ensure a higher patient recall rate in addition to text messaging and email reminders.

Plus, by checking in on their appointments or requesting their next appointment, you are continuing to build engagement with your patients.

formsSecure Messaging

You can be confident that all your sensitive patient communications, including messages sent to your patients directly, will remain secure in Patient Portal.

This is a great way to share results with a patient who would prefer to communicate via messaging or is unavailable for phone calls. You have the added safety of a security system to ensure that your patient’s information will get to them and only them.

Patient Forms

Sometimes patient forms in the office can be a hassle for both your office staff and the patient. Streamline the process by sending your patients digital forms for new patient intake, prescription refills, and more. Let patients follow the status of forms they’ve submitted.

Consider setting up messaging that highlights what a new patient will experience during their first visit. Include information about when to arrive at the office, where to check-in, and what to expect during their first exam. Then share what steps they can do before coming into the office.

Add Patient Portal Access to Your Website Today

Interested in adding a patient portal with access to health information to your website? Give your patients direct access to manage their health 24/7 with Patient Portal.

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