3 Ways to Promote Your Practice Using Press Releases

Generally, as a local business, you want to write about something new or newsworthy related to your practice or an event. Did you learn a new technique or purchase new equipment for your office.

You can write a newsworthy release on a trend or a holiday or season that is coming up, but industry events are the easiest to write about. When writing your press release, share information that inspires or helps the readers of these publications, and focus less on your business agenda. Don’t waste your time on a press release that sounds self-promotional.

1. Distribute it Online as Part of Your SEO Marketing Campaign

Pay special attention to your target keywords, especially in the title and first paragraph. You can place up to three anchor links to specific pages on your practice’s website. Then post through a release distribution network like PRWeb or GlobeNewsWire. Pay careful attention to the title of your press release, because a well-optimized release title will get picked up by Google, Yahoo, and Bing and found by potential patients searching online.

2. Support a Blogger Outreach Pitch

Use your press release as background material.  You can pitch your company’s product or service to review bloggers. Make sure you pitch the right product to the right reviewer. The press release provides background information on the product or service.

3. Be an Expert on the Topic

Position yourself or a staff member as an expert on a topic. This technique works great for issues that are hot in the news or on topics your current or potential patients may not know much about.

What Else Can I Do to Promote My Press Release?

1. Post a link to the published press release on your website. Write an introductory paragraph and a link to the release on your blog.

2. Share your press release on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

A well-planned press release on a newsworthy topic is the best way to get a story written on your business (and possibly even get a news camera out to your practice!). Online releases, done right, can do wonders for your SEO campaign.

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