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While online marketing begins with an optimized website, it doesn’t end there. Review sites have become increasingly important as a powerful marketing platform. Sites like Google+ Local and Yelp are forums where patients leave honest reviews about their experience with a business that are trusted by other patients.


Begin by searching for your business online on various review sites as well as searching how your business name appears on search engines. Checking what patients currently say about your business will help you make the proper adjustments and get an idea of how people perceive the business.

While there are many review sites online, focus your efforts on these 3 for best results:

Google+ Local: Google + Local is Google’s update to what had been Google Places and is where customers can find you and leave a review.  We previously posted a blog on how to merge your Google Local and Google Business pages.

Go to and search for your business by business name, address and phone number in separate searches to make sure you find all possible listings. You can convert your listing if it comes up in the results or create a brand new page by following these steps on How to Set Up a Google+ Page.

Finally, check out our guide on Optimizing a Google Business Page to make sure your listing is written to attract users and search engines.

Yelp:   Yelp is one of the most popular online review sites. In order to manage your listing, you must verify it and then you can edit the description, add photos, etc. Yelp will allow you two ways to run a special to attract more viewers. You can sign up for a Yelp deal in which Yelp advertises your special and takes a portion of the profits. Or you can create a Yelp check-in offer.

Facebook: While it’s not a review site, it is a popular place to discuss opinions. Patients are able to write a recommendation for your business on your Facebook business page. Additionally, you can create a check in-deal on your Facebook page, similar to the Yelp check-in deal, and if your Facebook business page has at least 400 fans you can create a Facebook offer.

In addition to ensuring that you have Google+ Local, Yelp and Facebook properly optimized, you should use the check-ins, deals and offers to generate interest. Also, promote these pages by placing links to them on your website.

Let your customers know about your pages on these review sites and ask them for feedback. With each additional review you receive on Google+ Local, Yelp and other review sites you improve your visibility on review sites and increase your credibility with search engines.

For more information on generating reviews, online promotions, or for information about our PPC or SEO services, call ChiroMatrix at 1-800-IMATRIX today.

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