Set up 2014 for Internet Marketing Success

As the sun sets on 2013, it is now time to start your plan of attack for the new year. Every day that passes by sees more and more companies shifting their focus online. The fact is, online traffic isn’t slowing down, it’s speeding up. Additionally, as the chart below shows, searchers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to find information online.

(Statistics from StatCounter Global Stats)
So while it’s impossible to 100% predict what 2014 will bring, if you follow this (relatively) simple action and content plan, next year can be your most successful yet. So put down that eggnog and start strategizing!

January 2014 – Set Your Focus on Mobile

As the chart above indicates, if you’re not looking to improve your mobile presence online, you are missing out. There is no way around this. Get your website mobile-ready by using the latest responsive (works across ALL browsers, mobile to desktop) skins from iMatrix. Check out the 15+ skins series here.

Content-wise, share a blog with your customers with information that may be changing in the new year. Let them know you’re excited to start the year off strong!

February 2014 – Make Your Online Profiles Consistent

Use this month to make sure your business information is consistent across the entire Internet. This may take a while, but do your business a favor by ensuring your important information is consistent in directories, maps, and social media.
For content in February, create a page on a service your business offers. Having super-targeted pages is one of the best ways to rank for those keywords.

March 2014 – Set Up Google Authorship

We’ve talked about Google Authorship before, but we cannot stress enough how important it can be to your business. In a nutshell, Google Authorship allows your picture to be shown in Google search results. This small picture can lead to a significantly higher click-through rate (CTR), which equals more visitors.
Follow this Google Authorship guide to get authorship up and running now!
For the blog in March, write about post profiling one of your clients, with their approval of course. Sharing a piece of content like this can help humanize your business to better connect with potential customers.

April 2014 – Spring Cleaning!

Maybe you’ve had a website for a few years. Use April as a time to go over your content and pages to make sure it is still relevant and up to date.
While you’re at it, try crafting a creative post related to your business.

May 2014 – Optimize Your On-Page Strategy

Now is a good time to carefully craft and edit your page title, description, and URL. You can make these edits directly in iControl following these instructions.
Also, start thinking about summer promotions to help drive new customers in your door.

June 2014 – Snap New Pics

Use this month to get some high-quality, relevant images of your staff, office, and location so that your business is represented accurately on your site. It’s amazing the difference a good picture can make!
Create an awesome “Meet the Staff” page on your site. Encourage your employees to write a short blurb about themselves to post online. This gives a nice personal touch to your website and business.

July 2014 – Record a Video

Try your hand at shooting a video, upload it to YouTube, and share it with your friends. Having a video on some of your pages makes your content more accessible and engaging.

August 2014 – Get Social

August is a great time to get serious about social media. Spruce up your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter profiles and start posting regularly. Social media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your current clients. Check out our video on how to better integrate iControl and social media.

September 2014 – Email Marketing

If you have a website through iMatrix and have the iCard feature on your website, do yourself a favor and start using it! Email marketing remains one of the most efficient ways to reach customers. Already have an email list built up? You can upload them directly into iControl!
Having any events coming up for the fall? This is a perfect chance to create a blog post and let your audience know.

October 2014 – Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics can get technical pretty quickly, but setting it up on your site isn’t too intimidating. Sign up for Google Analytics here and follow these steps to implement it on your iMatrix website. Once it’s set up, log in and you can start digging into some of the statistics your website generates.
For content on your website, consider making a Halloween themed post. Have a little fun with it!

November 2014 – Shake up Your Homepage

Your homepage is your most important page on your website, so show it the love it deserves. If your content hasn’t changed on the homepage for the last few months give it a facelift. Are you changing your hours for the holidays? Be sure to let your visitors know.
November is a time of thanks so share a blog post about what you’re thankful for. This is yet another great opportunity to show your website visitors that there are people behind your business.

December 2014 – Celebrate the Holidays!

It’s that time of year again! This is a fantastic opportunity to decorate your website for the holidays. Snap a few more pics of your decorate office and festive staff to show off your holiday spirit. Try updating your website slideshow/banner with some holiday flair.
December is a perfect time to partake in a business-wide toy or food drive. Share the results of your efforts with an encouraging and uplifting post.

Wrap It Up

Overall, the best guidance is to put time and effort into your online presence. As more people come online every day, the need for you to get online is more and more important. Make 2014 a year where you are proactive about your business rather than reactive. By no means do you have to adopt this plan for your business, but hopefully you found a few creative ways that you can stay active.
If your business still isn’t online or is suffering from an outdated, old style, call us at 1-800-IMATRIX to learn about our website solutions. If you’re really strapped for time, consider our Velocity or Dominator packages to have an account manager help you manage your online marketing strategy.
2014 is YOUR year…make it happen!

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