Why SEO Matters for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization is a very useful tool that should be included in the marketing strategy of every business. SEO for small businesses is especially important as it can help you stand out in your local community.

Are you wondering, “What are the SEO benefits for small businesses?” Firstly, if you aren’t optimizing your practice’s website, you’re missing out on the opportunity to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and draw in more web visitors that can potentially turn into new clients or patients.

When you create or redesign your website, it’s vital that you keep both clients and search engines in mind.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of SEO? Here are our top four reasons why your practice needs to implement SEO today.

1. Increased online visibility.

your business found by search engine

SEO has the potential to help your website rank higher on search engine results pages. When you’re on the first page, you have a better chance of generating more business than those that are listed on the succeeding pages. You will also receive more impressions on your web pages and content. The more impressions you receive, the more exposure your website gets.

Did you know that 75% of people will not click past the first page of results?

By ranking on the first page, you won’t miss out on this web traffic and will increase the likelihood of obtaining more clicks onto your website. The more clicks, the more patients you can get!

2. It’s cost-effective.

Most small to medium-sized businesses do not have the same budget for their digital marketing efforts as large corporations do. However, implementing SEO on your website gives you a chance to target your specific audience without breaking that budget.

SEO for small businesses allows them to get their websites on Google’s first page without investing in other, more expensive marketing strategies, like pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Although PPC involves only paying whenever someone clicks on your particular ad, utilizing SEO is free of cost. If paying for ads is not in your budget, optimizing your website is the best inbound marketing strategy to drive users to your site.

3. More interaction with your custom content.

Content creation is a key component of your website. The content on your site can help you draw potential leads to your site, and therefore to your practice. When people engage with your content, Google’s algorithm will take notice and deem your website as more valuable to web users.
engaging content
When we use the word content, that doesn’t only include text. Your content can be video, graphics, audio, infographics, and more! But no matter what type of content you create for your website, it should all be optimized.
Using keyword phrases that match your targeted demographic’s search queries in your content is crucial.

Knowing exactly where and when to include these words in your content gives you an advantage over your competition.
Keep in mind that search engines, specifically Google, are continuously getting smarter and smarter and have algorithms in place that will penalize your website for keyword stuffing.

Try to include keyword phrases in your content as often as possible without completely saturating every piece of text on your site because this will negatively affect your SEO.

Keywords matter.

To give you a better idea of how important keywords are, let’s dive a little deeper.

The targeted keywords that you select give search engines insight into what each of your web pages are about. In order for your website to appear in relevant search queries, you have to research what users are looking for. What possible words or phrases could they be using when they make these searches?

magnifying glass looking at a key

Put yourself in their shoes. If you own a chiropractic office, brainstorm the words your patients might look up to find a chiropractor in your local community. Some examples could be “spinal manipulation techniques”, “auto accident treatment in Tulsa”, or “chiropractic care for back pain near me”.

If you specialize in any of these, select these specific keyword phrases and try to insert them onto different web pages throughout your site. When you use these targeted keywords in your content, search engines are notified so that they may find your content when a related search query is made.

The more often you appear, the higher your chances are of someone entering your site and eventually booking an appointment to visit your practice.

4. SEO offers an increase in ROI.

return on investment displayed on tablet
If you properly execute your SEO strategy, your practice should see an increase in your return-on-investment (ROI). When search engines consider the content on your website relevant and trustworthy to potential clients and patients, that’s when your website will begin to appear in more results.

When people see that you have earned that spot using organic methods (not using paid ads), they assume that you create high-quality content that could be of use to them. When they navigate through your site and realize that you have exactly what they are looking for, they’ll choose your products and services before they decide to go to another local practice.

A higher ranking produces more web visits, which can translate into more appointments, which then generates more revenue.

SEO benefits for small businesses.

Putting in the time and effort needed to include SEO on your website is well worth the effort. As people visit your site more and more, you should also see an increase in appointment bookings because of this new-found online visibility.

When people discover that you offer the products and services that they’ve been searching for, get ready to have a schedule full of new clients or patients!

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