The 3 Top Predictions for Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

Businesses of all sizes rely on social media to connect with their audiences and grow their online presence and visibility. With so many people scrolling through these platforms, it’s essential for your business to be on social media. Whether you’re a big name brand or a small local business, social media enables you to communicate with your audience in a more intimate and authentic way than you are able to do through your website alone.

In order to maximize your reach on social platforms, you must stay updated on the trends in social media marketing. We’ve only just begun our journey into the new year, but you should have an idea of what you want to include in your social media strategy. 

Top Predictions
Have you thought about what changes your marketing plans might need in order to stay in step with social media marketing trends in 2020 to better capture the interest of your most ideal patients or clients? 

Predictions for Social Media Marketing Trends

To help increase your organic outreach and build a strong online presence for your business in a cost-effective manner, here are our top trends that we think will shape the trajectory of social media marketing in 2020.

1. The Growth of Online Communities

Businesses are focused now more than ever on building strong, trusting relationships with their targeted demographic. You should be aiming to attract your most ideal patients versus just anyone. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to be well-known and have your name out there! But, if people who see your practice online aren’t actually interested in coming into your practice for an appointment, it does not benefit you. 

There are groups of people all over the internet that are passionate about your industry and the line of work you’re in. Their behavior and values align with those of your business. When your ‘tribe’ purchases a product or service from your practice, it’s because they can identify with you and support your ideals. 

You can either join an already existing community or create your own cyberspace! This method is called tribal marketing.  When you find a group of people that are genuinely interested in your products and services, they can become high-volume, qualified leads for your practice. They have first-hand knowledge of your practice and can vouch for the quality of services they received from you and your staff.

For example, if you are an ophthalmologist who has a patient that received LASIK eye surgery at your practice and the procedure helped to drastically improve their vision, so much that they don’t even require eyeglasses anymore, this would be someone that you want to be included in your tribe. You could also create a group on Facebook for those in your area looking for information about LASIK. You’d be able to capture an engaged audience from the discovery stage through the decision-making process.

These people are also excellent choices for brand ambassadors! They have the ability to give really powerful patient or client testimonials because they aren’t just someone you may have partnered with to advertise for you on a brand campaign but instead, they truly believe in your brand and what you stand for. 

Social platforms like Facebook are big on forming online communities through groups, especially private groups with other users who have similar interests. They can tell stories of their experiences with your practice and encourage others to visit your business as well. 

2. The Use of IGTV

When IGTV first launched in 2018, people were hesitant of Instagram’s decision to attempt to take on YouTube with their long-form, permanent video feature. But since then, more and more social media users have dove into the world of Instagram TV. 

IGTV allows most users to upload videos that are up to ten minutes long, but some influencers with a very large following can upload sixty-minute videos to their profile. When you click on the television icon at the top left of the screen on the explore page, it shows you IGTV videos that have been posted by people you follow as well as popular videos. 

Utilizing IGTV at your practice can be beneficial in more ways than one. Instagram is one of the most popular ways that businesses can advertise their product and IGTV is an added plus. Because these videos are long-form, you are not as restricted as before to post short videos. 

With the IGTV feature, you can:

  • Educate or entertain your followers on what you do at your practice
  • Increase engagement on your page and improve your conversion rate
  • Boost the visibility of the products and services you offer 

If you own a chiropractic office and want to give your followers a better idea of what you do at an appointment with a patient, post a video of you performing a chiropractic adjustment! Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look so they become more familiar with you and your business. 
IGTV videos can be a new and fun avenue to interact with patients or clients that are interested in what you can do for them. 

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3. The Continual Rise of Video Content

Video Content
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, video content is king! Video content is currently ruling every social media platform for the most engagement and continues to rise. Video, whether short or long-form has been proven to not only increase online engagement but also conversion rates. 

54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from a  brand or business they support. – HubSpot 

The great thing about using video in your social media marketing strategy is that you can use it in so many different ways. If you need a little inspiration on what type of video to produce, here are some ideas to give a try at your practice:

10 Video Content Ideas 

  1. Introduce your practice and who you are
  2. Introduce your staff so they’re familiar with their faces
  3. Give more information on your products and services 
  4. Educate or entertain your audience
  5. Promote an event your business is having
  6. Announce any news involving your practice
  7. Showcase patient or client testimonials
  8. Do a behind-the-scenes video to show what you do
  9. Host a Q&A 
  10. Record a how-to video 

This content can be scheduled out or you can “go live” with a pre-planned video to engage your audience. Increase your conversion rate while also improving your engagement rates on your social pages by incorporating video into your marketing plans. We would hope that your practice has already taken advantage of the use of video content to engage and attract users to your social profile and website, but if not, get on it right away!

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Trends in Social Media Marketing

Live feeds, social media ads, influencer marketing, oh my! It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the changing social media landscape, which is why we try to provide the best resources for your practice and industry. Start to incorporate these trends into your strategy and set up your business for success in the year ahead!

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