The Best Optician Website Designs of 2023

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Is your current website beginning to look outdated? Maybe your practice is getting a little stale compared to others in your area. Good news! This blog offers a dose of some much-needed inspiration on the latest optician website designs for opticians. Pick things up for your practice this year with a refreshed online presence to make a great first impression on online visitors. 

Why is your website so important anyway? Well to start the vast majority of people today do a Google search before deciding which establishment they want to visit. This includes everything from a nearby restaurant to the practice they want to visit for their new prescription glasses. There are several components that go into a solid digital marketing strategy to ensure an optician practice appears on the first page of Google in nearby prospective patient’s search results. In short, you want to use social media, maintain good reviews, effective email marketing – and most importantly a solid website. 

Investing time and resources in your optician practice’s website is essential. Don’t be afraid to try something new to bring in a steady stream of new patients through your doors.  Here are the best optician websites to help your practice find the ideal design. Plus, additional tips to know to make your site stand out in your area.

1. Acadia – Polish Your Online Presence with a Classic Layout

Does your practice provide the best eyewear in town? Show off your inventory with a stellar online store. Think of your website as a digital profile that highlights your best services or online store. Acadia is a great website design if you want a design that has an emphasis on simplicity. It’s a clean design that’s free of any distractions and easy for any visitors to navigate. This website has a minimalistic touch so that it can be inviting to users without any distractions. This layout also has a symmetrical line to add depth and uses lighter colors that are often associated with healthcare.

2. Sierra – Incorporate Practical Eye Wear on your Homepage

A great web designer understands how to get information across to potential clients without overloading the eye. iMatrix new website design Sierra showcases a simple image – a patient driving with his glasses. Driving is possibly the most important role that glasses have for many patients. This image is sure to instantly resonate with your patients looking for both practical and stylish eyewear they can use in their everyday lives.

It’s a rather simple, straightforward layout with all the main features your practice needs. As potential patients scroll down, they’ll see a menu section for contact information, booking, and online forms. Most healthcare professionals lean towards websites that use the colors white and blue because it tends to look the most professional. This particular design features a deeper navy blue that looks great against the black and white bio images as well as images of color.

Click here to view this design.

3. Harrisburg – A Website That Incorporates Dynamic Video

woman shopping for eyewear website homepage.

Your website’s homepage is one of your best tools for driving conversions. Video is quickly taking over the web and becoming the future of online marketing. The first design to highlight is called Harrisburg, this optician-oriented website design shows a video of a patient depicting a patient shopping for eyewear frames.

This video does a great job of portraying a patient’s experience coming in to buy a new pair of glasses. It’s a good example of what type of content to incorporate into your website that will resonate with patients. This is the design for you if you want to promote your online shop and try something new.

Once you scroll down you will learn more about the doctor and staff. To the left, you will see a signup form to receive newsletters and new patients get a free consultation. All great features worth including in your website design. 

Click here to see Harrisburg Website Design for Opticians

4. Carmel – Play With Rich and Sleek Colors

optical website design in dark colors.

Most eye care websites use shades of blues and grays since these are accepted colors viewers associate with the medical industry. However, as an optician with a stellar selection of the latest eyewear, you can really experiment with color both online and inside your shop.

Here’s a website design that really pops with a rich, uncommon color – burgundy. The color adds dimension right away to the design by contrasting it with the stock images that have a lot of white. 

In addition to color, the overall design is sleek and clean. A little detail in the menu is its use of incorporating more visuals. This design is bold with its darker color scheme creating a strong look.

5. Sedona – A Warm & Inviting Landscape Website Design

Earthy colored website design for eyewear.

Here’s a website design that’s sure to be a favorite. If you want a design with a warm and exciting look and feel this lively design is the one for you. Covered in shades of brown and yellow this design is very visually appealing. Sedona incorporates images of a beautiful desert landscape in the background. Filled with vivid photography, it really stands out.

It’s a design that displays eyewear being a part of patients’ lives. Patients use their glasses when they travel and are on numerous adventures. Glasses are more than an accessory, they’re essential to many patients’ lives. This theme has an earthy, warm, and inviting vibe that patients would like. Why not use your website to highlight your office’s positive influence on patients’ lives every day?

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6. Elevate Your Website With An Urban, Industrial Design

Modern graphic designs for eye care practice.

Take a step back and consider your practice’s location. Is it in the middle of a busy metropolitan city? Or in an industrialized area where several corporate businesses are located? You may be surrounded by an urban community with young workers. If that sounds right then we have a great website design for you called, Brooklyn. 

You want your website to cater to the patients in your area. They may be busy millennials and young entrepreneurs working in the tech industry. On their way to grab a morning coffee or lunch, they could be walking by your office location. Draw into that in your website design to attract more prospective patients that need glasses. 

The homepage image appeals to these viewers. Another background image on the website is of an industrial bridge. Additionally, another really great feature is the map section that displays the city of Brooklyn.

7. Sleek Design With a Fun Pop of Color

Black, white, and pink eye care practice website.

See Stumptown for a website design that is sure to stand out to any prospective patients in your area. Here we have a design that uses contrasting colors of black and white with vivid pops of color to add some flair. This salmon-like shade of pink gives the website a very polished and high-quality appearance.

One of the stand-out features of this design is also the chic black-and-white photography. While this may seem counterintuitive to not show the color of your eyewear products this couldn’t be false. This is a design meant to evoke a specific luxury look and feel. Perfect for any visitor that wants the latest eyewear from higher-end brands like Prada, Ray-Ban, and Armani Exchange. 

If something with clean lines and a minimalistic feel sounds great, then the stylish colors and images on this design are sure to please. Just remember whatever design you decide it’s important to take note of the color.

Click here to see Stumptown Website Design for Opticians

8. Albany 0 A Trendy and Stylish Boutique Theme

Youthful website design with a variety of color.

This is a beautiful design that has a real emphasis on appealing to luxury brands. This optician website design is called, Albany. This design appeals to young visitors that may be more interested in your practice’s online shop. This optician-oriented design has a very trendy and stylish look and feels that would attract female patients. 

If your practice also has a great variety of eyewear and offers more luxurious brands like Prada, IZOD, or Burberry this is a design that will put emphasis on this. 

Images not only add life to a website, but they also make it convert better. Take a look at the homepage image. A fashionable approach to eyewear and eye care can be very intriguing to your targeted audience. 

9. Perris – Attract More Patients With Simplicity

Clean and polished website design.

Bonus design! It doesn’t hurt to have options. So if your looking for something that has some similar elements to what is mentioned above then check this out, see the optician version of Perris. This design also has a stylish boutique feel. It’s the perfect layout to promote your eyewear shop if you’re partnered with dozens of the trendiest brands and more

Do you know what one of the leading reasons a visitor leaves a business site right away? If the website design appears too cluttered and messy, it’s visually unappealing. Vice versa a website that looks amateur has the same effect. So instead give your optician practice a well-deserved makeover. Perris is a great clean option that has a great mix of small details and more subtle colors.

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Author: Liliana Cervantes

Liliana Cervantes is iMatrix’s resident content specialist who works on all our online blog resources. She provides the iMatrix website with high-quality content to provide our readers with plenty of information to educate and inspire them with their digital marketing efforts. Liliana writes about tips and trends for readers to try on social media, their website, and their own blog content.

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