The Two Types of Millionaire Chiropractors

Hope you all had a great weekend. When looking at the stats for your chiropractic website, you may sometimes wonder, “When is the real money going to come in?” Do you have what it takes to become a millionaire chiropractor?

The truth is simple. There are really only two types of chiropractors who become millionaires with their practices.  No exceptions.

The first is the type who is obsessively driven to build his or her business to its maximum level. She will be blogging at night and not notice it’s 2 am. Who needs sleep anyway? When her fellow chiropractic alumni are meeting for a happy hour, she has to be dragged kicking and screaming from writing her new video script for her chiropractic website.

The second type understands that without regular goals, deadlines, and habits, he or she will NEVER build a million-dollar practice. Instead of being dragged kicking and screaming TO the happy hour, she has to drag herself kicking and screaming FROM the happy hour to put together her webinar. She sets objectives every week to complete and keeps her goals within sight of her desk at all times.

If you’re the first type, you’d know it by now. You’d be able to run completely on autopilot and make money effortlessly. Chances are, you’re not; and that’s ok. It’s like this with every field or endeavor, be it writing, athletics, and entrepreneurship. Accept that there is a scattered beast in you that needs to be tamed and you will move much farther with your practice and chiropractic website. 

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