The Ultimate Marketing Game Board

What happens when you mix the fun of a board game with the most effective online marketing tools? The Ultimate Marketing Board Game, that’s what! Check out the latest infographic that we’ve created at iMatrix to discuss a comprehensive strategy for online marketing. Simply follow along the board and implement the step-by-step instructions to “win” the game and win at marketing your practice.
A great online content strategy for marketing a local business includes a variety of different factors and methods. In The Ultimate Marketing Board Game, we have broken up the ideal content strategy into 5 different stages of advancement. Start with the foundation (Website Homestead) of an online presence by creating an optimized website. Next expand into the social media by creating a strong social media presence (Social Chateau) so you can get feedback and interact with followers. Once you have a solid social media presence, begin to incorporate video into marketing your practice and jump up to the next level (Video Villa). After setting the groundwork with a website, social media, and video, it’s time to dive into the Pay-Per-Click Poolhouse and get quick results with paid advertising. The last phase of The Ultimate Marketing Game Board involves navigating through the many areas of the SEO/SEM Estate. SEO and SEM can be very overwhelming, but by following this handy road map, you should be able to plan your way to success and gain Local Market Domination.
If you’d rather that we make the online marketing moves for your practice, call us at 1-800-IMATRIX. Our Internet Consultants will walk you through the content strategy maze and discuss what strategies will work best for your practice.

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